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Socks Love Of Old Bush
- Aug 14, 2018 -

I am a "sock control"," Bush said in a letter to supporters. "The more vivid the color, the more exaggerated the pattern, the more the design is more out of the way I like it. When I go out, people always notice my socks first, and I like it. "The socks I sell now are like this. If you wear them, others will notice you." "Old Bush said.

"First Financial Daily" reporter saw these socks in the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill, one of which really makes people shine, because its bright colors are really "eyes." This is a pair of orange, bright yellow, grass green and dark blue stripes, embroidered with the Republican elephant logo at the sock, and in the middle of the socks there are cotton socks signed by the old Bush, and because of the large elasticity, so men and women Size feet are suitable. At present, the price of a pair of socks is at least $35.

"Socks will soon be snapped up," Republican National Committee Chairman Pribbus said in his Twitter.

Old Bush’s “socks love” is often captured by the White House’s photojournalist. It should be said that every time he gives the old Bush a close-up of his face, he will also wear a pair of socks to make a close-up, and in the words of the reporter, “his Socks will never let you down."

Bush, who is now wheelchair-bound, always shows his socks when he appears on various occasions: When he opened the Bush’s library last year, Bush wore a pair of bright pink socks and participated in Houston. During a celebration, Old Bush and dozens of cheerleaders wore American flag-style socks as a group photo. When publicly appeared to support Republican presidential candidate Romney, Bush wore a pair of lavender-colored socks. While attending the premiere of his film "41", Bush wore a pair of coral red socks.

The most exaggerated thing is that in an event in Houston last February, Bush wore a pair of red and blue socks, and had his own head at the sock.

In a letter to supporters, Bush said that he agreed to the Republican National Committee's fundraising request because they agreed to use the "sock element" to raise funds. “I was very touched because they chose to produce a limited edition of the Republican “Eleph” logo for the midterm elections. You can buy not only the very special socks but also the Republican midterm elections for $35. The campaign is very important for sending Republican Party members from local offices to the offices of Congress," Bush said.

At the crucial moment in the 2014 US Congress midterm election campaign, the Democratic and Republican bipartisan fundraising contests have become increasingly fierce. In order to help the Republican National Committee's mid-term election fundraising, the 41st President of the United States, the 90-year-old Bush, is selling his own autographed socks, all of which are used to support the Republican midterm election campaign.

In the upcoming midterm elections, the Republican Party is committed to continuing to retain the majority of the House of Representatives and is trying to regain control of the Senate.