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Socks Grandfather's Little Story
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Have you donated socks to the wanderers? Clean socks are both a necessity and a beautiful gift to warm people. The United States has a "shoe grandfather", sold a house and replaced it with a motorhome, and sent a pair of full-hearted socks to the homeless people across the United States.

Listen to the story of the wanderer

McNamara’s charity is not a whim. He is a retired teacher and has been specializing in education for 30 years in a school to teach children with autism and other children with intellectual disabilities. Extroverted, he felt that "the things learned from these children are more than what he gave them." Under his influence, her daughter also chose the education of children with intellectual disabilities.

Partly out of nature and partly in occupation, McNamara is willing to take care of the weak and hopes to lend a helping hand to groups that have been ignored or abandoned by society.

Not only does he provide material assistance to the homeless, but he is willing to listen to the latter's stories and give them spiritual satisfaction.

Not long ago, he went to Phoenix to send socks and met the wanderers Mike and Roger. He listened to the two men for five hours and visited them the next day. He also met a couple of boys and girls. A 16-year-old boy from California fled to New York City after his parents divorced and met a girl with similar experiences. The two men wandered from here, first to New Orleans and then to Alabama. The two children were surprised by the willingness of someone to listen to them.

He is particularly distressed by the teenagers who are living on the streets, hoping that the community will give this group more concern. McNamara said: "I can't promise everything, but I can promise to be a good listener, give them food, warmth and socks."

Driving a car to send socks

How much can a small pair of socks help people on the street? "Sock Grandfather" Tom McNamara believes that the help may not be big, but it is enough to warm the hearts of the wanderers.

McNamara accidentally read a report about a couple donating socks to a wanderer in Philadelphia, knowing that wanderers are relatively easy to get donations like clothes, and small items such as clean socks and underwear are often Donors ignore it. He decided to follow the couple.

“The smile that the child showed after getting a pair of dry, clean socks is so beautiful,” he said. “It (socks) is a necessity, but it is ignored by most people. Our other (charity) organizations are doing a great job, letting the wandering I got a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, but we forgot the socks."

McNamara initially purchased socks at his own expense and gave them to the community's street sleepers. Encouraged, he sold a house that had lived in Illinois for many years, bought a RV, traveled the country with his dog, and sent the socks to more people in need. At first, in addition to sending socks, he always visited local scenic spots and historical sites, and the so-called good travel. Later, sending socks became the main purpose of his travels. Every time he went to a new place, he always inquired about where to find the homeless.

McNamara began this charity after he retired in 2012, and now has footprints in 17 states and issued 5,000 pairs of socks. Socks sometimes have troubles. For example, some towns do not allow overnight rentals. McNamara must park the car outside the city far away from the wanderer. Despite this, McNamara is still not tired of sending socks.

“The response is very good, far beyond my imagination,” he told the American Christian Science Monitor. When a child took the sock, he immediately pulled off the old socks and put on new socks. He jumped up happily, and the tramp opened his heart to him, telling the fate.

Helping people never end

"Sock Grandpa" hopes that his actions will not only give the homeless people some practical help, but also cause the society to pay attention to this group, and urge the government to take measures to reduce poverty and help the homeless to improve the situation. He called on all retirees, especially retired teachers, to join the ranks of helping the homeless.