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Socks Classification
- Aug 23, 2018 -

1. Spin socks / invisible socks.

This one of the many students likes to wear white canvas shoes, can not see the socks, has been loved by the majority of girls, and is inexpensive, the general market price is ten dollars and three pairs. Thin, comfortable, easy to clean, cheap, lazy must be worn, you can lose it when you wear it.

2. Boat socks / shallow socks.

This is the favorite of most students. Similarly, you can wear sneakers to see the side of the socks, a little cool, wearing jeans, sneakers with sneakers, socks shallow mouth is just good, and comfortable, the market price of 5,678 pieces is of course more expensive.

3. Lace stockings.

The range of lace stockings is relatively wide, mainly with lace side socks. Here are the lace side socks, lace material socks, many sisters hahan, some lace stockings with skirts, pants, handsome and cute. This price is more expensive, better than a dozen or twenty pairs, not easy to take off, can be worn many times.

4. Sports socks, there is a small vent hole on the top, comfortable and breathable, and the ventilation is much larger than ordinary socks. Many athletes, boys who like to ride in sports, buy sports socks.

5. Stockings / piles of socks.

This is the case that more and more girls have bought in recent years, no matter what they wear. The long-length tube with wide-leg pants is nine points or skirt, thick college style, many small fairies to buy, the market price of seven or eight pairs, but also cheap, quality is OK, durable.

6. Calf socks / stockings.

I think this is more popular among girls. Many girls buy a pair of skirts, different stockings of different embroidery, wear them with a skirt, like Japanese college students, the market price is about ten or twenty, there are Japanese brands. More expensive.

7. Even stockings.

Even stockings, lace, but also winter plus velvet, probably spring, summer, autumn and winter have suitable stockings to wear. Of course, even stockings are more popular with girls, and there are varying degrees of thickness.