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Socks Business Strategy To Wear Socks To Save Money And Trouble
- Aug 30, 2018 -

As young people chase fashion, socks mix and match has become a trend. Why do socks have to be paired? Wonderful mix is not more fun?

Such an idea comes from the creativity of American youth. For fun, several American young people specialize in selling unpaired socks, styles and colors are free to match, as long as they are not a pair. In order to ensure that each sock is "independent", the socks are sold in odd-numbered packages, three or seven. The company named "Little Miss Matched" is the name of a cartoon girl, meaning "matching a little girl." "Little Miss Matched" has become a way of life in people's minds: breaking the rules and not following the rules, every girl can customize the fashion rules.

Little Miss Matched Each sock is designed with a classic pattern, polka dots, stripes, hearts, flowers or waves. There are 4 series: “traditional series”, “stunning series”, “avant-garde series” and “humor” series". In addition, each sock has a special number, such as "Stunning No. 4", or "Avant-garde No. 25", which is convenient for collecting socks, just like collecting baseball cards, small toys of McDonald's, and urging people to buy more and more. If you have a complete set of 134 socks, you can produce 8911 combinations. Imagine the following scenario—sufficient for a person to wear for 24 consecutive years, with a non-repeating mix every day; you can wear it for 67 days without washing your socks.

Fashion socks store business strategy

1, lock the target customer

The target customer base of such stores is those who are not flustered by the so-called "consistent" and "symmetric" fashion rules. Therefore, the socks sold do not need any matching guidebook, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possibilities.

2, find a good location to open a shop

The storefront is a very important factor. The best option is for people with large traffic and suitable for walking around. The store in the community category is not suitable for such a sock store, because such a store is leading fashion, it needs a large number of young and fashionable consumer groups.

3. Sales methods should be novel

It is recommended to use the principle of buying more and more discounts. The socks are packaged in singular 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on. In addition, shopkeepers and sales staff must "work on the law", wear mixed socks, wear them to see customers, and live like a living sign.

4. Operating costs

(1) Rent and decoration costs: The area is preferably about 30 square meters, and the annual rent and decoration fee is about 100,000 yuan.

(2) The first purchase cost: the fee is determined according to the quality and quantity of the goods, plus your own labor and travel expenses, 10,000 yuan is necessary.

(3) Labor costs: At least 4 people are required to hire purchasers and clerk, and the monthly salary is about 4,000 yuan.

5. Investment income

In the early days of opening, the possibility of profit is small, and it takes a certain amount of time to open the market. It is recommended to adopt a membership system and focus on recruiting members in the first year to lay the foundation for future development. After the increase in repeat customers, the operating profit will increase significantly.

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