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Socks Become A Fashion Innovation Industry
- Aug 24, 2018 -

As the only well-known socks industry brand exhibition in the world, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Socks Acquisition Fair held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall recently attracted more than 500 companies from the domestic and international socks industry to participate in the exhibition. There are more than 3,000 professional overseas buyers, and much of the information revealed at the show is worth paying attention to.

First and foremost, socks are the “markers” of the economic prosperity index. The international economy has fallen into a trough, and the sale of socks in various countries is very good, just like the "lipstick effect." From the beginning of the previous year, the color of socks has been bright and bright. In Japan and the United States, the most anticipated socks are neon and fluorescent, and consumers of all ages can bear it. The signs of economic recovery, this trend also affects domestic consumers.

Second, more and more well-known foreign brands are preparing or have entered Chinese shopping malls. The American Hosiery Association has been discussing how to introduce the largest socks brand in the United States to China. The internationally popular big shoes, Crocs socks and accessories will enter China in full spring and summer this year, at the Nara Prefecture Fiber Industry Cooperative Federation. The expansion of Chinese shopping malls in the year has brought about the exquisite socks that are still expected.

In addition, socks pay more attention to fabrics and after-sales treatment, moisture wicking, warm and antibacterial deodorization, a variety of natural fibers are popular, functional socks are emerging, such as anti-diabetic socks, anti-venous socks, various sports submerged socks. At the beginning of the sock, the concept of jewelry was introduced, and it was sold together with gloves, scarves, hats and handbags. The fastest growing is the tights. The most attractive thing is the ultra-thin finger that can touch the screen.

The reporters lamented that socks have become a fashionable industry. The socks "clan" are agile and powerful, and they have heard many domestic socks production companies. They said that the biggest problem with the sale of domestic socks is that the department store kicked the socks into the supermarket, and the socks were beautifully beautiful. It also became a low-value consumable with no grade and no taste. The most direct consequence is that Foreign brands have vacated the mall space.

It is understood that China has always been the largest producer of socks in the world. The current annual output is more than 16 billion pairs, the output exceeds 30 billion yuan, and the income exceeds 22 billion yuan. The export is mainly in Europe, America and Japan. However, the cotton socks that are currently sold to these malls are lowering, and the chemical fiber socks are rising. Although the company has adhered to the "top international list", the company must stand up and conceive in order to stand firm in international shopping malls.

The reporter learned at the exhibition that in the past two years, Aigu has paid a lot of attention to the transformation of the company. The basketball socks of Jilin Liaoyuan Socks have entered the NBA. Fujian Red Ruixing has developed the "Silver Guard" nano antibacterial socks, Zhejiang. Datang Socks launched seven major initiatives to create a "socks aircraft carrier", and Langsha socks industry extended the map to the e-commerce platform...

Socks are becoming a clothing highlight, shopping mall competition is more intense, only a new round of competition has joined the "Overseas Legion", Japanese companies with high-end socks to compete for market share, India, Pakistan companies with low-end socks to take processing orders, Chinese companies There is still a lot to be done to maintain its position and competitiveness in the international socks industry. It is hoped that the continuous launch of innovative socks will allow the company to go further.