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Socks Are A Must For The Masses
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Socks are a must for the masses, and the consumption is amazing. According to statistics, the demand for domestic cotton socks is about 1.8 billion pairs per year, and it is increasing by 8% to 10%; the annual demand in the international market is about 1 billion to 1.5 billion pairs, and the demand growth is 3%. Moreover, it can be seen from the consumption that the market demand in the middle and high end is constantly expanding. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" is the walking and pursuit of people. Nowadays, the socks that people pay attention to, in addition to the traditional cold-proof and warm-keeping functions, also require the appearance of fashion, comfort and functionality, these elements can be known from the word-of-mouth communication between consumers.

This season's functional sports socks for the sporty are really amazing. In the Brazil World Cup group match, the Dutch team won 3 games, and the performance of Peter Pan Robben's 3 goals and 1 assists was impressive. According to Robben, I have a good secret: "My condition is very good, but this must be thanks to the socks I wear. The socks can help me better contact the bottom of the shoes, so that my center of gravity can be kept stable."

It is reported that Robben wore a new type of socks in this World Cup. The bottom of the socks is not smooth, but consists of a large number of uneven grain particles. This design undoubtedly increases the friction between the ball socks and the sneakers. This design seems simple, but it solves the stability problems of the players during the high-speed movement. Especially for Robben, a player who is fast and good at using disguised technology, such socks will undoubtedly make his play even more powerful.

Needless to say, demand determines the vitality of the product. Don't ignore this little pair of socks, it is likely to trigger a dress revolution in the "smart" field. Heapsylon Company of the United States has launched a pair of magical "smart socks", which can make people become "dance master" and "sportsman". The core design concept of this sock is to incorporate some technological elements into people's lives. People can use this "smart socks" to enhance their athleticism, such as skiing, football, cycling and golf.

The technology can also penetrate into various foot activities. “There was once a customer from Argentina who used ‘smart socks’ to improve his tango skills,” said David Vagino, head of Heapsylon. These "smart socks" are made of special fiber materials that monitor the movement of the foot. The sensor on the sock can record every movement and record environmental conditions such as temperature, altitude and terrain, and then transmit the information to the user's smartphone via the ankle bracelet transmitter.

On the other hand, the domestic hosiery market, the socks brand is not good, the consumer choice of space is very small, the price and quality are not very satisfactory. Faced with the current situation of asymmetry in supply and demand, consumers expect to have a variety of socks, comfort and functionality. In such a near-blank market, the intangible has also contributed to the maturity of brand consumption concepts, and the brand effect and the store channel model have greater market potential. How to seize the opportunity and win the full market space and initiative is a question worthy of the socks company.