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Socks Also Need To Be Tailored
- Aug 24, 2018 -

“This tailor-made service is very popular among sporting goods companies.” It is understood that the company’s knitting socks industry researches the products produced according to the attributes of the sporting goods enterprise brand, and this personalized service pays more attention to the improvement of product details. . It is understood that each pair of knit socks in the counting socks industry must carry out all-round tests such as sterilization, deodorization and sweat absorption.

In the context of the generally unsatisfactory days in the domestic sportswear industry last year, orders for the Jinshi hosiery industry based in Jinjiang have come to the fore. At the same time, a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad have become long-term partners of the hosiery industry.

"For a young and dynamic company like the hosiery industry, product differentiation is the key to the development of the company." Ji Hongshi, chairman of the company's hosiery industry, told the author frankly: "There are many manufacturers of knitted socks at the moment." The way of thinking has solidified, and many knitwear manufacturers are not thorough enough to understand sports socks. It is difficult to 'specialize, fine, and fine'."

Such a service "blind zone" just reserved space for the survival and development of the hosiery industry. Therefore, at the beginning of its establishment, the company's knitting socks industry will focus on the development of sports goods enterprises, and only be a "sports supplier."

In fact, behind the product differentiation, it reflects the innovation side of the counting socks industry. In the eyes of Ji Hongxia, enterprises should advocate the provision of personalized services for sporting goods enterprises, tailor-made products for sports goods companies: the performers of sports service special services, that is, according to the needs of sports service customer service groups, One-on-one service.

Not only that, the Knitting socks industry's knit socks will also be integrated into different colors, styles, shapes, functions and design styles according to the attributes of different sports goods company brands, thus matching the brand.

“For example, if the client company is mainly based on outdoor style, then we will tailor the socks products according to the outdoor products. The personalized service tailored for the sporting goods companies is unmatched by other knitting socks companies in Jinjiang.” Ji Hongxia told the author.

The foot massage socks are the latest development of the socks for the health care massage in the counting socks industry, which can be widely used in the field of leisure sports. According to reports, the bottom of the product is made of silicone material, and the prominent dot design fully stimulates the various points on the sole of the foot.

"Not only can the foot massage, but also consume excess heat. Wearing a sock for 1 km, the amount of heat consumed is equivalent to walking 5 kilometers." Ji Hongxia told the author that the product incorporates many advanced technologies, not only with massage function. It also has the characteristics of sterilization, sweat absorption, deodorization, and strong ground touch.