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Sock Mouth Is Also A Place To Pick Socks To Pay Attention To
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Do you know how to choose socks? What is the main place to choose socks? Actually, socks mouth is also good and bad. Do you know how to tell?

Middle-aged and elderly brothers should be more attention, because of this type of people often have a different degree of hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, the squeezing of the ankles on the ankles often cause high blood pressure, serious and even induce heart disease. The lower extremities and feet of diabetic patients often have a different degree of blood circulation, and the tightness of the socks is not the same as "falling stone", which simply induces or aggravates the diabetic foot.

Ankle is an important gateway to the blood circulation of the foot. If the socks are loose and suitable, the venous blood can flow back to the heart smoothly through the ankle. If the sock mouth is too tight, the venous blood of the heart will be stagnant near the ankle, which will aggravate the heart, lasting and even lead to high blood pressure. People often feel cold feet, can also be too tight the reason for the socks, it is from the arterial blood can not reach the foot in time, resulting in the formation of the metabolism of the foot part of the formation. In addition, too tight socks will also cause thickening of the cuticle layer of the feet and become rough and dry. It will induce corns and pads for a long time.

Therefore, when we choose socks, we should pay more attention to the tightness of stockings. Socks that have been bought now, if the socks are too tight, it is possible to use steam irons to rapidly increase the stockings. The concrete method is: first, use the soft ruler to measure the perimeter at the ankle, then look for a medium width to abandon the cardboard box, put up the socks mouth, according to the quality of the socks, set the temperature of the electric iron, quietly ironing at the mouth of the socks on both sides, so that the tightness of the socks can be loosened a lot.