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Sock Health Secret
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The latest article in the US "Yue Ji" magazine pointed out that there are three cases, indicating that your socks should be eliminated. It is said that the foot is the second heart of man. For the health of your feet, a good pair of socks may be as important as a good pair of shoes.

In three cases, the socks should be eliminated.

Lose elasticity

If the socks lose their elasticity, they will increase the friction with the feet. If you walk or exercise, you will not follow your feet. If you sweat, you will feel a slippery feeling and it is easy to get hurt.

2. The heel is thin and there are holes

When the socks are worn for a long time, they will inevitably become thinner, which will also cause the heel to be injured or foamed.

3. Not comfortable to wear

When the feet are tight, itchy, and obvious discomfort, the socks are not suitable.

How to buy the right socks?

Don't look at the socks, but it's not easy to buy a pair.

In response, the US Delimax Socks Expert Group made the following recommendations:

1. Choose less wool socks. The socks of this material have a poor sweat absorption effect, and the feet are in a damp state, causing blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose cotton socks, but if you go to exercise, it is recommended to buy socks with corduroy material, which is better for sweat absorption.

2. Fit and size is very important. Socks should fit perfectly and should not be too tight or too loose. If the socks are too large, the extra fibers will aggravate the friction and damage the skin of the feet.

3. Pay attention to fiber density. When buying socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of the socks. It is not recommended to buy too loose.

In addition, high-quality socks such as toe-separated socks and arch-bundle socks should be prepared for each person.

Choose the six-word mouth of the socks

Everyone knows that the foot is the "second heart" of people. Therefore, choosing a pair of socks is more important than wearing a pair of good shoes. Some experts have recommended several criteria for choosing socks.

1. Keep in mind that the words “tighten the big light and clear the Qing” are 6 words. That is, the socks and the socks are tight, the bottom of the socks is loose, the heel of the socks is large, the surface of the socks is smooth, the mouth of the socks is smooth, the needle pattern is clear, and the pattern, the toe, and the heel have no dew.

2. The color should be the same as that in the shoes. The purchase of children's socks is preferred to light colors. The brighter the color, the more chemical ingredients are added inside.

3. Socks with cotton fiber and appropriate elastic fiber are preferred.

4. Considering its use and wearing objects, such as daily wear is comfortable and breathable. When exercising, it should be soft and wear-resistant. For those who are sweaty, you should buy cotton socks that are both breathable and moisture-absorbing. Buy polyester socks and nylon socks with poor hygroscopicity; children's socks should try to choose socks with simple structure, light color and smooth surface. Do not choose socks with dotted lines.

5. When washing socks, do not use force to prevent the socks from slipping or breaking after the strong friction; the water temperature of the washing socks should not exceed 40 °C, otherwise the socks will shrink after being heated and the bottom of the socks will become smaller. It will even harden and deteriorate the socks. In order to maintain the original luster of the socks, it is best not to use soap with too much alkali, as long as it is lightly rubbed by hand, rinse with water and put it in a cool, ventilated place.