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Small Socks Made Into A Big Industry Nair Socks Dress Up Fashion Summer
- Aug 30, 2018 -

"As long as you have a pair of fashionable and trendy little socks, you can play the goddess fan." In the summer, people's dressing is simple and beautiful. As an essential accessory, socks are also crazy, and it has become a must-have for summer.

A little bit of love, all in the toe. Zhejiang Nair Group, the first brand of Chinese socks chain stores, has been tested by the market. It has cooperated with more than 500 dealers nationwide to create the “socks of the whole family” and let Nair socks In this summer, I performed a wonderful fashion show and became a popular hot socks in the country.

In recent years, Nair Group has been committed to technological innovation, actively implementing brand strategy, and has become a “pioneer” of independent innovation in the domestic and international hosiery industry. As a large-scale enterprise and a leading export enterprise, Nair Group sells its products to Japan, the United States, Germany, France, the European Union, etc. In addition to traditional Japanese customers, it also cooperates with internationally renowned large companies such as ADIDAS, GAP, and American Sally. Business contacts are frequent.

In addition, Nair Group holds two large-scale product launches every year, focusing on the development of daily new products, focusing on fashion and leading the trend. It has a research and development team with a keen sense of product and unique design concepts. Ten years of market testing, successful marketing management experience, and strong strength have laid the group's brand advantage, and hammered out Nair's existing Nair, Lanxun, I"LL, Joan Bay, OHNO, Tironic, Seven brands such as AFLERAY, and in the layout of nearly 2,000 product styles, all aspects of consumer demand at all levels and in all fields.

Small socks are also fun, along the 10-year ladder created by Nair Group, step by step, is the road to the rich dealers, opened the door to success when opening the treasure chest of Nile franchise stores. Nair Group provides to the society with aspirations for entrepreneurship, not only the projects to join, but the future and wealth of entrepreneurs. Nair's "socks for the whole family" will also bring the greatest joy to all franchisees.

Highlighting innovative forms and universalization is a distinctive feature of Nile Socks Fashion Show. Nair Group will gradually establish a model of fashion application and innovation, and promote the rapid growth and development of Nile socks in China, Asia and even the international market.

In the midsummer fashion season, Nile socks, with its clever combination of clothing, allows you to bring new visual enjoyment whether you are on the popular street or in the cool suburbs! Nair Group will influence the fashion trend with a more pioneering, more open and more compatible attitude, which will affect the future of the industry and add a two-wing booster for the development of Chinese brands.