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Sleeping In Socks Is Good For Health
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Recently, Dr. Helen Burkes of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, USA, proposed that taking off the socks and sleeping will lower the temperature of the footsteps and is not good for promoting sleep. He explained that after taking off the clothes, the body temperature will definitely decrease. If you wear socks, you can keep your feet at a higher temperature, which will help you to fall asleep quickly and improve your sleep quality.

There are often such situations in life: the quilt is well covered before going to bed, but it is always frozen in the middle of the night, and it is already cold outside. Even in the summer, summer clothes or towels are not guaranteed to be "safe" for your feet. It is a common occurrence to have cold feet.

The advice of American experts is the same as our Chinese medicine practitioners' understanding of the health of the feet. The foot collects the meridians of the whole body, so people often say that "the feet are cold, then the whole body is cold." Bathing with hot water before going to bed is a practice that many people are used to promoting sleep.

If you have a pair of socks that can always stand on your feet, even if you sleep in the quilt, it will not be so easy to feel the feet cold. Of course, after wearing a full day of socks, don't try to continue to sleep with you, otherwise its taste is enough to undermine the results of this American expert. Wearing a pair of soft, comfortable and breathable socks may really help us to sleep beautifully.