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Several Etiquette Requirements For Business Socks
- Aug 23, 2018 -

1. The natural fiber content of business socks should be above 60%. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp and mulberry silk. At present, the mainstream raw material for high-end business socks at home and abroad is mercerized cotton. It not only has the natural characteristics of pure cotton moisture absorption and ventilation, but also has the advantages of smooth and smooth, soft and anti-wrinkle, and has good cost performance.

2, business socks should be slightly elastic, the socks are smooth, slightly shiny. Do not sag or appear more wrinkles, dark and dull.

3, the color of business socks is the key, first requires monochrome, no jacquard, print or other patterns. This is because the solid color business socks can best stand the formal and serious feeling. Secondly, opaqueness is required. Wear the same or close to the color of the trousers and shoes. The color of the business socks is best between the trousers and the shoes, that is: the color is deeper than the trousers, the color is lighter than the shoes, or the same color as the trousers and shoes.

4, the length of the business socks, the basic rule is in normal normal conditions (such as sitting down, legs, squat), can not reveal the meat on the legs. Generally required to be at least one-half of the calf. Most of the Chinese people only think that the stockings are dark cotton socks, so that many of them are casual socks. When they sit down on the legs, the meat comes out, which affects the appearance. There is a big difference between the casual socks and the formal socks. The socks of the casual socks are loose and short, and most of them are relatively short, generally in the shorter part of the ankle. It is easy to fall down when you walk on the road, and the stockings are generally tight or used to lengthen the widened socks, which can effectively reduce the probability of falling. On the other hand, many foreign cockroaches use male garters to prevent socks from falling down.