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Scientific Method For Cleaning Various Socks
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Ordinary cotton stockings, should be washed frequently, change it, soak it in clean water for about 2 hours, then rub the soap with hot water to wash, so that the dirt is easy to fall off.

2. Pure stockings. Artificial silk stockings, nylon socks, etc., should be placed in soapy water or synthetic washing liquid below 40 °C when washing, do not rub hard. After the socks are washed, they should be dry and not exposed to the sun and fire.

3. When washing the wool socks, the neutral soap with less alkali should be cut into soap tablets, dissolved in hot water, and then the water is cooled, then the socks are placed, slightly dipped for a while, then gently rubbed by hand. For socks and socks with more dirt, you can rub some soap to make it clean. After the socks are finished, rinse them with clean water, squeeze them slightly, spread them flat on the table, dry them in a ventilated place, or cover them in the sun with a white cloth.

The above is the cleaning method of socks and the cleaning of socks of different fabrics, so that your socks are fresh every day, so that your life is wonderful.