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Qingyi Socks Weaving The Most Cattle In History Socks
- Aug 22, 2018 -

A pair of seemingly ordinary socks can't be cut with a saw, and they can't be worn with fire. Recently, this kind of sock, which can be called "the strongest in history", was successfully developed in Zhejiang Qingyi Socks Co., Ltd. and passed the provincial high-tech product certification. He Jiantao, chairman of the company, said to the author: "We will apply for the Guinness Book of World Records for this kind of socks."

“Qingyi Socks” is a large-scale enterprise and export leading enterprise in Zhuji City, and its products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe. The company has 150 provincial-level agents throughout the country. The company has an annual output of 10 million dozens of socks and over 2,000 tons of covered yarn. Over the years, “Qingyi Socks” has been committed to technological innovation and has become a “pioneer” of independent innovation in the socks industry in Zhuji City.

He Jiantao said that the so-called socks that are not cut by sawing and burned without fire are the raw materials of socks. In recent years, after independent research and development, the company has successfully developed a raw material called aramid 1414, which is used to make socks with anti-cutting, wear-resistant, flame-retardant and other functions. The firmness is 10 times higher than that of ordinary socks. Raw materials for performance protective socks, protective gloves, knee pads, etc., are widely used in military, fire, logging and other special sectors or other industries.

"Aramid 1414 is one of the raw materials for making bulletproof vests. It is the first in China to use this raw material for socks." He Jiantao said that the price of this kind of socks is 150 yuan/double, which is dozens of times that of ordinary socks. Despite the high price, he is very optimistic about the prospect of this kind of socks, because it means that the products of "Emotional Socks" will advance from the civilian sector to the special industry.

In recent years, “Qingyi Socks” has actively implemented its brand strategy and vigorously expanded its domestic and international markets. The company invests 10 million yuan in advertising costs per year in brand operation, and hires Chinese marketing expert Lu Changquan to make long-term plans for the company, and puts advertisements on CCTV's “very 6+1” prime time. At the same time, the "Qingyi Socks" terminal market building plan has also been fully launched. It has been honored as the "most reliable quality" product through the qualified acceptance of Wal-Mart, TARGET, SEARS and other suppliers and the authoritative testing of Swiss Textile Appraisal Co., Ltd. Up to now, "Qingyi Socks" has entered the large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Century Lianhua, Haoduo, and RT-Mart. There are nearly 700 counters in the national large supermarkets. Every day, two large trucks of finished socks are sent to all parts of the country. From January to April this year, the company's domestic sales market sales reached more than 50 million yuan, an increase of 60%.