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Professional Knowledge Of Socks
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Many people like 100% cotton socks. They feel that cotton sweat-absorbent breath is not really pure cotton socks. The cotton composition of all socks is between 60% and 85%. Real cotton socks are also uncomfortable to wear on the feet. Socks need to add elastic fibers such as nylon spandex to increase the flexibility and comfort of the socks! Everyone thinks that if it is 100% cotton, then the socks are not without the slightest elasticity of boron? So you don’t have to buy 100% cotton. Socks, in general, socks with a cotton content exceeding 60% are more comfortable to wear on the feet. Usually more than 65% of cotton is cotton socks. In fact, cotton is also divided into many types such as natural cotton combed cotton mercerized cotton. Combed cotton is a better cotton extracted from coarse cotton. It is also different in price from different grades of cotton. The combed cotton which is sintered by the singeing process generally does not pilling. The price is usually more expensive. In general, combed cotton is the main quality of the high-end sports socks casual socks and shoes. I hope that everyone who buys socks can understand what is combed cotton. Mercerized cotton is added with silk treatment on the basis of combed cotton and finer and more lustrous. It is not like pure cotton. It looks like nylon socks or stockings (this is the place where everyone does not agree with it! It is unclear) because It is the main quality of the high-quality leather shoes and socks that are more comfortable and wear-resistant. So if you don't know much about the production of socks, don't just focus on the price. The ex-factory price of socks is mainly determined by the socks: production cost, raw materials, production process, production equipment, and operation process.