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Penti, The World's Four Major Brands Of Hosiery, Settled In China
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Shenzhen Xuexianli Industrial Development Co., Ltd. will bring its PENTI (one of the world's four major brands of socks) and XUSANY (Snow Xianli home furnishing) to participate in the 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show. Xuexianli Industrial Development Co., Ltd. will introduce the original imported brand “PENTI” to consumers and customers with the theme of “From Europe and China”.

The long-established PENTI is a professional stocking company founded in Europe since 1950. Since its birth in 1984, its products have been sold to mainland Europe. The company continues to expand its product range to enhance its design capabilities that are more ergonomic and aesthetic. Through the continuous efforts of PENTI. In 2008, WHO awarded PENTI a contribution to increase women's awareness of cancer resistance, and the International Standards Organization awarded PENTI a medal in the use of raw materials, quality, body sculpting and wearing comfort.

PENTI price is stable, the product line is long, divided into ladies' foundation, fashion, advanced series and children's socks series. The price ranges from 20~350 RMB, suitable for middle and high-end beauty, professional, fashion, pursuit of life taste, and has certain economic foundation. Love beauty.

Based on the various advantages of PENTI, Shenzhen Xuexianli Industrial Development Co., Ltd. has successfully become the exclusive agent of PENTI Greater China through layers of efforts.