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Pay Attention To Several Guidelines When Buying Socks
- Jul 06, 2018 -

What kind of socks are generally better to buy in winter? The answer must be pure cotton, but in cotton, it is better to comb the cotton. The material of this material is the longer fiber in the cotton, the impurities are less, and the warmth is better.

1. Socks should fit well. The socks and the socks are tight, the bottom of the socks is loose, the heel of the socks is large, the surface of the socks is smooth, the mouth of the socks is smooth, the needle pattern is clear, and the pattern, the toe, and the heel are free of needles. When wearing, if the feet are tight, itchy, and obvious discomfort, etc., the socks are not suitable.

2. Pay attention to fiber density. It is best not to buy too loose, extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet. There are a few pairs of socks on the street, and there is nothing wrong with it, but in terms of fiber density, it is inevitable that it will not meet the standard.

3, the color is not too fancy. The color of the socks should be as consistent as possible in the shoes to avoid staining the shoes. Socks should be lighter in preference, and the more vivid the color, the more chemical ingredients will be added to it.