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Passage Stovepipe Socks Can Prevent Varicose Veins Experts Say No Effect Long-term Wear Has Side Effects
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Mentioned body-building stovepipe socks, these two years are very popular with girls, it is said that the longer the wear. The thinner the leg will be, then the socks are not reliable. I went to see the investigation together.

This looks like ordinary stockings. It takes at least 10 minutes to wear it. It must also make the socks that are barely able to wear well. It is a non-medical varicose stocking, commonly known as stovepipe socks. How amazing, our investigators decided to inquire

Merchants have said that this kind of socks can achieve the effect of stovepipe, the effect is very obvious, and can prevent varicose veins. The investigator deliberately checked the information. The medical varicose stockings belong to medical equipment because it is thicker and tighter than ordinary socks, which can tighten the legs and make the legs look slimmer. Many merchants have grasped the effect of the stovepipe. By beautifying the appearance of the socks, the medical varicose socks have been transformed into stovepipe socks that are now popular among women. Once launched, this stovepipe socks has been loved by many young girls, and there are also some female stars.

There are more than one star who can promote such products. Listening to their personal experience, watching their slim legs, do you want to replace all the stockings with these stovepipe socks? However, there are rumors on the Internet that stovepipe socks are worn for too long, which can cause capillary rupture! To know that the capillary rupture is not only the skin redness is so simple, long-term, it will lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the skin, become rough, dry, and even premature aging, is the side effect of slimming socks so terrible?

Experts told investigators that the average pressure on the surface of human skin can be as much as 7.85 kPa. If the pressure on the leg of the stovepipe socks exceeds this limit, rumors will come true. In order to verify the rumors, the investigators found such a set of experiments specifically to test the value of the stovepipe socks.

After testing, these three stovepipe socks, the pressure value of each part is actually less than the highest value, it seems that stovepipe socks are not so much pressure. But in fact, the danger of these stovepipe socks is not to rupture the capillaries, but to block blood circulation.

The original medical varicose stockings, its pressure design is from the ankle to the thigh, gradually decreasing from the bottom to the top, so that through the pressure, help the blood retained in the calf back to the heart to circulate again, at most can only improve mild patients The edema of the legs is not so called weight loss. Most of these stovepipe socks are not scientifically designed. In order to visually make the legs thinner, the entire socks will be full of pressure. Putting them on is equivalent to using a thick bandage to wrap the waist and legs tightly, but it will accelerate the blood stasis, so that the original healthy person may suffer from varicose veins.

In the past two years in Hebei, Jiangxi, Shandong, and Chongqing, there have been many news about women wearing stovepipe socks, cold legs and numbness, joint pain, and even getting thicker legs. Experts say that it is not a leg change. It is thick, but there is edema. This is also a precursor to varicose veins.

It seems that it is not reliable to wear thin-skinned socks and stovepipes. It is easy to cause harm to health if not properly worn. This, you have to ask an expert. The doctor said that the so-called varicose veins, the exclusion of genetic factors, refers to venous distortion and expansion caused by blood stasis, weak vein wall and other factors. The veins of various parts of the body may be varicose. For example, acne is actually a kind of varicose veins, and clinically visible esophageal varices, varicocele and abdominal varicose veins.

The most common site of varicose veins is in the lower extremities. It is worth mentioning that varicose veins themselves may be secondary manifestations of other lesions. If the condition continues to develop, the most serious will lead to old rotten legs.

Under normal circumstances, long-time workers, such as teachers, chefs, shop assistants, such long-term standing work, the prevalence rate is higher than the average person. And if you have varicose veins, don't panic.

To prevent varicose veins, the doctor also gave three suggestions: First, obese people should lose weight, although obesity is not a direct cause, but excessive weight pressure on the legs may cause poor venous return of the legs, so that Venous dilation is aggravated. Second, those who have been engaged in heavy physical work and long-term standing work should pay attention to avoid standing for a long time. It is best to wear medical socks when standing for a long time, so that the superficial veins are in an oppressed state. Third, women's menstrual period and pregnancy and other special periods should give special care to the legs, rest, often massage the legs, help blood circulation, avoid varicose veins.