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Opportunities In The Socks Industry
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The development of economy, the advancement of consumption concept, the improvement of people's quality of life requirements, beauty and health care have gradually penetrated into every detail, the demand for socks products has increased, the functions of socks have been continuously refurbished, and mass consumers have begun to choose. Consciousness, brand consumption is beginning to appear, personalized stockings are beginning to sell well, and socks products are beginning to keep up with the trend of clothing development. It is a display vehicle that reflects fashion trends, individual values and personal tastes. Socks are no longer just simple warm items but an important part of clothing. The hosiery industry has better adapted to this trend. Manufacturers have invested in their own abilities, making great articles on the lower leg, working hard on texture, pattern, style, color and function to better meet consumer demand. There are many kinds of socks on the market, and they are full of people and affection. For example, according to the raw materials used in the woven socks, it can be divided into cotton yarn socks, wool yarn socks, elastic nylon stockings, cotton nitrile blended socks, and natural stockings. According to the tissue woven by the socks, it can be divided into a mesh three-dimensional woven anti-hook design and a carved empty design. According to the length of the sock, it can be divided into three types: stockings, stockings and socks, in addition to pantyhose. In terms of color, it breaks through the original natural color, skin color, white, black, and boldly uses many fashionable colors, such as pure pale pink, glittering silver gray, lemon yellow, light blue, fruit green and so on. There is also a kind of health-care socks, which can make socks have deodorant, antibacterial, anti-radiation functions and promote blood circulation of the soles of the feet by coating or treating the fibers.