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Open Socks Store Selling Socks Doing Alternative Business Opportunities
- May 21, 2018 -

With young people chasing fashion, socks mix and match has become a trend. In a sock shop in the United States, there is no longer a pair of socks to be sold. The socks of the shop are sold alone, and the sale of single socks continues to boom. Why is this?

Every sock here has a classic design with polka dots, stripes, hearts, flowers or waves. There are four series: "traditional series", "amazing series", "avant-garde series" and "humor series". . In addition, each sock has a special number, such as "Amazing No. 4", or "Avant-garde No. 25", so easy to collect socks, like collection of baseball cards, McDonald's small toys, prompting people to buy more and more want to buy. If you have a complete set of 134 socks, you can create 8911 matches. Imagine the following scenario - enough for a person to wear for 24 consecutive years, each day is a non-repeated combination; you can also wear 67 consecutive days, do not have to wash socks.

Target Group: Fashionistas

The target customers of these stores are those who are not impulsive to the so-called "consistent" and "symmetrical" fashion rules. Therefore, the sold socks do not need to be matched with instruction manuals. How to match them, and how many individuals wear them, there are many possibilities.

Location: need to find a good location

The storefront is a very important factor. The best option is to have lots of people and lots of places to go shopping. Community-type stores are not suitable for opening such socks stores, because such stores are leading fashion, and it needs a large number of young and fashionable consumer groups.

Sales: Means to be novel

It is recommended to buy more and more concessions, socks using 1,3,5,7, etc. single packaging. In addition, shopkeepers and sales staff must be "tested by the body," wear their own mix and match socks, wearing them to see customers, like a live signboard.