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Old People Wear Socks With Care
- Aug 08, 2018 -

The sweat glands distributed on the palms of the feet are as rich as the palms. Therefore, it is beneficial for the elderly to penetrate the shoes and socks with good moisture and moisture to promote the volatilization of the sweat. In terms of texture, the speed at which bacteria multiply on socks is polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn and silk stockings. Therefore, the socks for the elderly are preferably wool, cotton or silk.

In order to prevent the socks from slipping, many old people like to wear tight socks, and even the red ankles in the ankles are very unhealthy for health. The ankle is an important part of the blood circulation of the foot. If the sock is tight, the venous blood can flow back to the heart through the ankle. If the mouth is too tight, the blood of the vein that should flow back to the heart will stagnant near the ankle, making the heart The burden is aggravated and will cause high blood pressure in the long run. Buy the socks, if the socks are too tight, you can use the iron to "fat" the socks: find a cardboard box of moderate width, hold the socks, and gently iron them on the sides of the socks. The original tight socks can be much looser.