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Men's Socks With A Recommendation - Play Socks
- Aug 13, 2018 -

In addition to those fixed styles and patterns, it is also a great choice to choose some socks with a playful color pattern in the matching of socks. On Instagram, there is a topic called #Shoe Sock Combo#, which can be simply and rudely understood as "shoes and socks" in Chinese. In this method of wearing, socks and shoes can be said to be one and the whole, with a high overall coordination, the key is enough coquettish, put on it, you are the center of the world. This requires the pattern of the socks to be novel, creative, and enough to attract people's attention.

3 socks from Odd Pears. Odd Pears, a creative brand from Australia, was born in 2013. It is a young and new brand. Although it started late, it has become a leader in the socks industry with its unique contrast color stitching design. Since its inception, Odd Pears has only sold socks and is designed to excel at geometric shapes and bold colors. “Selling only three socks” is the biggest feature of the brand: two look the same, the other is the combination of the opposite color, so the clever combination can make a group of socks have two ways to wear. The brand's designer and founder, Brock Skyes, has a distinctive personal touch on every sock. From colorful dots, to fashionable original lines and abstract geometry, whether it is a skateboarding teenager who loves the street or a young artist, it is suitable for this brand.

Strathcona Stockings is a sock brand created by Canadian artist Ryley O’Byrne in 2010. Although it started late, it is a niche brand that is designed and designed! Fun patterns and a variety of flowers and birds as a material, Strathcona Stockings's biggest selling point is his hand-painted pattern. In order to ensure the high quality of the socks, the brand's socks are limited production, so the price is higher than the average socks, the price of each pair of socks is about 36 dollars.

In addition, Happy Socks, which was worn by Peng Yuxi. Since its inception in 2008, it has only been a few short years, and Happy Socks has swept the world. Why? The color is bright and rich, the pattern style is more, and the choice is large; plus the roll pants have become the most popular wearing method in the past two years, Happy Socks has become the finishing touch, plus points.