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Men's Socks And Sandals Can Also Be Trendy
- May 21, 2018 -

Three years ago in an article in the magazine titled "Men simply can't wear sandals," the article read about how the Uncle of the United States used a pair of good-looking, good-looking sample sandals. Wear a gas field that attracts you. The black lacquer strapped sandals had to add a pair of gray cotton socks that had hairballs, so that men's sandals and socks would naturally be criticized for straight men's cancer, and the stroking light toes seemed to be a small, fresh template:

At this time last year, we discussed how women chose a pair of eye-catching socks on the inner layer of sandals to simplify the dress-up process and enter the fashion threshold. The most intuitive way to learn is to see how Rihanna wears her. Not only does she have a good sock, she is also the creative director of Stance's brand, Stance, and designs graffiti style stockings.

Returning to the straight men's cancer proposition, those who pay attention to fashion will find that from the Calvin Klein to Bottega Veneta at the men's and women's conference of the 2016 Spring-Summer series, even Versace is taking a good look at the sandal socks. Watching different brands put together a variety of show versions of the same dress, you will realize that this is not the fault of socks and sandals.

For example, ZARA, who followed the big trend, had a series of men’s sandals and grey socks in the latest month:

Placed under the overall mix, there are many more reasons why you can forgive men's cotton socks. Therefore, the straight men's cancer proposition of wearing socks in summer is not the fault of cool slippers. After all, the straight men in the shot are lazy to tidy up, not dress up.