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Men Have A Lot Of Attention To Wear Socks
- Apr 16, 2018 -

First of all, the most important principle is to pay attention to the overall collocation. The socks are at the bottom of the human body and play the role of continuous pants and shoes. It must not be as attractive as a glittering gold watch or a tie that jumps out of color. It is always a supporting accessory, and it will only occasionally appear in your casual movement. At this time, its color texture and cleanliness will give you a grade for your taste.

 Men's socks have a well-established dress rule: In addition to wearing shorts and sports pants, the socks should not be exposed; the socks should not be too tight; at any time do not wear a hole and the yellow dirty socks to wear shorts, too Long socks will be rustic, wear socks that only grow below the calf belly, and try to pick unobtrusive colors. Otherwise, the furry legs with deep-colored socks are very artificial. Nowadays, in the selection of many socks, the color texture will be It is an important factor. In the suit and dress, socks should be thin opaque, the color has two options, one: with shoes, black shoes with dark socks, white shoes must be equipped with white socks; 2: with the trousers color The trousers are light-colored and the socks should be light. For example, silver trousers with black shoes can still be worn in thin socks. It is very noble and generous; brown or beige pants can be worn with beige or light pink socks. If it is a sports dress, Lighter trousers, should wear flesh, white, light gray socks. Note that pure white sports dress, socks must be immaculate white.