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Maternity Socks Wear And Maintenance Method
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The best time to wear the sequential decompression elastic stockings is when you wake up in the morning, because the blood circulation is the most smooth and the swelling has not yet started or the legs are lifted for 5-10 minutes before wearing the elastic stockings. This action can prevent blood from flowing back. The effect of the stand-up is even more remarkable. If you don't adapt to the tightness at the beginning, you can gradually wear the appropriate tightness (avoid loss of patience and give up). Because the summer is hot and easy to perspire, you can apply some scorpion powder on your legs beforehand to lubricate and prevent the socks from being pulled.

The therapeutic elastic stockings are difficult to wear because of the need for high pressure, so it is more difficult to wear than the general stockings and elastic stockings. It can be easily worn according to the following reverse pull:

1. Extend the hand into the sock, pinch the part of the heel, and turn the sock to the heel.

2. Turn over most of the sock and stretch it so that the foot can easily reach into the toe.

3, the thumb of both hands is on the inside of the stocking, the four fingers grab the body of the sock, put the foot into the stocking, the thumb of the two hands push the socks outward, the four fingers and the thumb coordinate to pull the socks to the ankle, and put the stockings correctly s position.

4, the socks legs step back and pull up, after wearing, put the socks close to the Buddha.

Pay special attention to the fact that when wearing or taking off elastic stockings, do not let the diamond ornaments or long nails scratch the elastic stockings.

Please cut your hands and feet, and prevent the skin of the heel from splitting during the dry season to avoid scratching the elastic stockings. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the shoes are flat or not, to prevent unnecessary wear of the elastic stockings and to prolong the service life. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring out, squeeze by hand or use a dry towel to remove excess water, dry in a cool place, do not place in the sun or artificial heat source to dry or bake. Any high-quality product, only careful care can extend its service life and achieve the best results.