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LYCRA Opens The Autumn And Winter Socks Fashion Password
- Aug 17, 2018 -

INVISTA's LYCRA fiber brand hosted INVISTA's “IN SHOW” and 2012 Hosiery Trends Conference and launched a series of innovative products and forward-looking solutions. The theme revolves around the "socks. Charm" conference, which is based on classical lines and bold color combinations. It shows a different style and bold and avant-garde leg style, which opens the autumn and winter socks fashion password.

In the major fashion shows of the past few seasons, the sock has gradually become a fashionable landscape that can't be ignored. It is easy to take and has the finishing touch of color. It has become a must-have item for trend people. The LYCRA fiber brand combines innovative fiber products with trends that combine high-end fashion and high-street fashion to ensure that the style of the socks is durable, durable, and bright, while providing the wearer. The best comfort and fit. Thanks to a series of innovative technologies and products such as LYCRA fiber, LYCRA Fusion fiber, LYCRA 3D stockings, YCRA Leg Care stockings, socks, the former supporting role of the fashion field, nowadays with perfect functions and aesthetics, Bringing new enthusiasm to the fashion circle.

The LYCRA (Leica) fiber brand released the 2012 style of the fashion trend of the eight socks:

"IN SHOW" style - original romantic style

The pattern of the socks is hollow, like lace, with a soft pink hue, combined with bare color, lavender and shaded grayish white for a comfortable, romantic and classic look. The appearance has a powdery, matte texture, but it feels soft and uses LYCRA Soft Comfort fiber at the waist. It has an extremely soft touch and a stable fit.

"IN SHOW" fashion - natural sway

The colours are inspired by the brown tones of nature and the earth, the dark green tones of the forest and the grey tones of the stones. Emphasizing comfort and natural elegance in the preparation of socks, warm socks and knee-length stockings, with a coarse, organic pattern. A soft, cotton-like touch that combines the qualities of LYCRA T400 fiber to create a comfortable fit.

"IN SHOW" fashion - happy nomads

A mix of African, American and Asian motifs creates an ever-changing aesthetic with a warm, vibrant winter tones that showcase the vitality of the winter. Whether it's transparent thin hosiery or loose cotton socks, LYCRA fiber ensures strong contrast and intense color in this high-profile theme, ensuring that the patterns remain graceful and maintain The lines of the legs.

"IN SHOW" Fashion - Charm Galaxy

With abstract, organic and rhythmic movements, the fabric has a special geometric hollow effect. The loosely arranged beads, in combination with the Swarovski crystal elements, are in a kaleidoscope-like pattern. Beautiful metallic luster in grey and blue tones, decorated with small metal sequins and gold silk embroidery. LYCRA fiber gives the stockings a smooth fit and long-lasting shape retention.

"IN SHOW" fashion - personality military style

Inspired by military uniforms and functional overalls, it has camouflage patterns in khaki, brown and grey tones, and socks and leg socks are decorated with special buckles, zippers, buttons, sashes and stitching. The LYCRA3D stockings provide a tough fiber that combines durable carbon woven and LYCRA fibers to create a fit and durable look.

"IN SHOW" fashion - modern streamlined style

The abstract inspiration from Kandinsky and Malevich, the innovative geometric pattern of vibrant colors, created the modern classic style of Mary Quant in the 1960s. Details such as a fine, seamless seam design, geometric lace and outstanding cutting lines. LYCRA fiber creates a sense of durability and comfort in a sculpture-like and architectural look. At the same time, LYCRA freshFX socks give this collection more confidence and freshness.

"IN SHOW" fashion - explore geometric wind

Subversion and experimental style, mix fashion and technology, women's wear and sportswear, fashion shows and street dress styles. Citrus yellow, cherry red, royal blue and steel ash are the main colors, while classic white and black are also indispensable. Geometric, symmetrical and asymmetrical prints, and translucent prints in small color blocks create unique and novel features. LYCRA fibers provide long-lasting color saturation for socks.

"IN SHOW" fashion - meticulous simplicity

It is like a second skin-like style, with a refreshing neutral or bright and bright color, showing a clean, faint luster and a perfectly seamless fashion. There are subtle and complex color variations in smooth tones. The characteristics of the LYCRA fiber provide a smooth touch while exhibiting high texture and perfection through meticulous geometric pattern changes and pseudo-prime surfaces. The use of LYCRA Leg Care stockings will not cause the wearer to suffer from leg fatigue due to the long backlog, which is both fashionable and highly functional.