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Japan Develops Platinum Nano Glue Fiber Anti-Fatigue Socks
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Recently, the Kanagawa Industry Promotion Center of Japan and Tokai University jointly developed an anti-fatigue sock that can effectively relieve fatigue and eliminate edema, aiming to solve the troubles of long-time professionals.

This "Platinum Nano-Glue Fiber Anti-Fatigue Sock" is different from the anti-fatigue socks that generally eliminate edema by pressing. It adds platinum nano-colloidal ingredients to the fiber to stimulate the parasympathetic nerves to restore the body's circulation function. It achieves the world's first time without relying on extrusion to reduce fatigue.

In order to solve the problem of tightness and comfort of the socks, this anti-fatigue socks adopts a special weaving method. Although it is fully wrapped, it does not feel oppressive and comfortable to wear. The socks also use antibacterial and deodorant technology, which can be worn at rest during the evening to rest the tired legs. A long time standing professional can try it.