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Italian Stockings Brand OMERO Debut In Shanghai Fashion Week
- Aug 17, 2018 -

OMERO originated from the gods of ancient Greece in charge of the priestess, so from the beginning of the brand's creation, the OMERO brand will be a brand designed for women who pursue high quality of life. The OMERO brand debuted in 1988 and today has more than 800 distributors worldwide, with ideal developments in many countries, including Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Canada, and most Eastern European countries.

In 2011, the OMERO brand was officially registered in China. It will present women with beautiful design and craftsmanship that can not be surpassed. It will appear in the workplace, show, party, clubhouse and sports venues in a completely different identity. . Let the stockings name of this accessory be a wonderful conversion character, and become the protagonist who dominates the elegant and intellectual beauty of women...

OMERO will develop two series of fashion and classic models every quarter. The fashion models are oriented to the international fashion trend, and they are interpreted by OMERO in different styles such as color, flower shape and lace. The classic models are based on low-key, luxurious and elegant, and provide women with the charm that suits them all the year round.

As a frequent visitor to Shanghai Fashion Week, the OMERO brand is co-interpreted with the same luxury fur brand MAZZI from Italy. The gorgeous collision of the two luxury superstars has sparked a splendid sparkle, and the most cutting-edge Milan fashion has swept the audience. The on-site gratitude guests were stunned and perfected the OMERO gorgeous and glamorous fashion concept, which contributed to the continued development of OMERO in the Chinese market. After the big show, the after party is selected in the Xintiandi No.1 Mansion with the old Shanghai style. It brings together fashion celebrities and performing stars from all walks of life. It gives a great impression on the appearance of the OMERO brand in Shanghai Fashion Week and the future development in China. High evaluation and expectations. I believe that the OMERO brand will become synonymous with the charm and sexiness of beauty in the near future.