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Is Stovepipe Socks Useful? What Are The Hazards Of Stovepipe Socks?
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Is stovepipe socks useful?

Wearing a stovepipe stocking looks effective, but it actually has no effect on the stovepipe. The real stovepipe is still fat burning during aerobic exercise.

The so-called "strawpipe socks" is actually a varicose stocking, which is a kind of physical "health socks", which mainly achieves the effect of "skinny legs" through the "pressure" of special strong pressure parts. For women with muscle type, the effect of "skinny legs" is not very obvious. Because the stovepipe socks contain bismuth, titanium and silver components, it can relieve leg swelling and varicose veins. For women with fat-type leg obesity, you can see the effect immediately when you put it on. Depending on the individual situation, the duration of the effect varies from 7 to 60 days. In medicine, varicose stockings are medical treatment devices for treating varicose veins, which can promote blood flow to the heart through the meridians. Putting on the stovepipe socks can make the legs smaller, but not to lose fat, just a physical squeeze effect, and there is a certain swelling effect. Therefore, stovepipe socks have no effect on stovepipe. The real stovepipe is still fat burning during aerobic exercise.

What are the hazards of stovepipe socks?

The anti-venous varicose socks that have the effect of health care do not need to be worn for a long time. When you go shopping, exercise, take a long road or take a long-distance plane, you can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve leg fatigue. The anti-venous varicose socks that have a therapeutic effect need to be worn for a long time, but it does not mean that they should be worn 24 hours a day. Generally speaking, wearing 8 hours a day is enough, especially when sleeping, because when people are lying down, The leg and the heart are on the same level. At this time, the venous pressure of the leg is almost gone, and it is not necessary to wear the varicose socks.

Although the stovepipe socks currently on the market are the same principle as the medical varicose socks, the motivations used are different, which often brings different consequences.

1. It was originally used to treat diseases and prevent diseases, but it was used by people who were not sick to lose weight. The unfavorable consequences of this were the first thing that would make the user feel uncomfortable.

2. Most of the pressure socks sold in the market have problems such as unclear pressure indication and rough production process. If worn for a long time, it will cause leg discomfort, but it may lead to insufficient blood supply to the lower extremity arteries, leg pain and even necrosis.

3. If you use this "skinny leg" in the long-term still, there is still a certain health risk. For example, the superficial vein of the lower leg will be flattened, which will affect the original function of the vein; or the blood supply to the lower extremity will be insufficient, and the leg will be painful.

4. For people who have smoked for a long time, have high blood sugar, high blood pressure or high blood fat, their plantar artery blood supply itself is not good, long-term use without the guidance of a doctor, and even lead to limb damage For example, the skin caused by ischemic necrosis of the extremities becomes black, and the pain is unbearable, affecting normal walking.