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Increased Athlete's Foot, Would You Disinfect The Socks?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In addition to keeping warm and slim, the biggest role of stockings is to show the beauty of women. Former LV art director, famous American designer Marc Jacobs (Mark Jacobs) once said in an exclusive interview with fashion magazines, stockings are the second layer of women's skin, is a must-have weapon for beauty women. The esteem of the fashion masters, the enthusiasm of the stars, makes the stockings in the women's clothing mix is enduring.

Whether in winter or summer, you can see all kinds of stockings on the street. The stockings of different colors, different patterns and different lengths, combined with slender legs, form a beautiful "landscape", which makes men look good. However, few people know that the stockings that are used as fashions, while bringing beauty, actually have no small threat to health. Among them, the athlete's foot is the first to bear the brunt.

Test: The seemingly thin stockings are actually not breathable!

The reporter randomly purchased two different grades of stockings in the street clothing store. A pair of thin 25D anti-hook invisible romper stockings (sample A), the material composition is polyamide fiber (cotton) 80%, polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 20%; the other pair is slightly thicker 75D semi-transparent The meat pantyhose (sample B) is made of polyamide fiber (cotton) 76% and polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 24%. The appearance of the two pairs of socks is not much different, and they all look crystal clear and elastic.

The reporter invited two testers to try on the sample stockings A and the sample stockings B respectively. After five hours of trying on, the two testers took off the stockings, and the feet and the shoes were wet. The soles and toes of the stockings were soaked. The wearer told the reporter that the stockings were tied to the feet. "I feel very stuffy. airtight".

The simple test of the reporter also confirmed the saying that selling stockings stores: "The stockings on the market, no matter how the material is called, the thickness is mainly based on chemical fiber materials such as nylon and spandex. These materials are far less absorbent than cotton. The poor breathability of stockings is a recognized fact in the industry." The breathable stockings, in addition to making people's body wearing comfort greatly reduced, apparently also become a "hotbed" for fungi breeding.

Science: stockings are a breeding ground for athlete's foot

As we all know, athlete's foot, the scientific name is also called ankle, which is caused by the infection of the skin by fungi such as white fungus. As the source of athlete's foot, fungi are suitable for growth in a humid, warm environment, and their reproductive and vitality is tenacious.

Compared with other parts of the human body, the feet are wrapped in the shoes for a long time, and the environment is typical of “double high”, that is, the temperature and humidity are high. At this time, if the human body wears stockings and is affected by the poor breathability of the stockings, the temperature and humidity inside the shoes will further increase, and the environment in which the feet are located will also deteriorate. In such a high temperature and humidity environment, once you do not pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to cause the rapid propagation of fungi, and infection of athlete's foot becomes a matter of course.

Phenomenon: The number of athlete's foot increased, "Dink 1+1" fire!

Of course, the "causal relationship" between stockings and athlete's foot is not enough in most women's eyes, and even does not care about it. After all, in the face of beauty, many things seem to be conceivable. Therefore, it is easy to find that as the temperature rises step by step, more and more women can't wait to put on stockings and rush out to show their fashion.

This is the result of the stockings, and the results are naturally not unexpected. A few days after fashion, many women brought their athletes back home. The results of interviews with reporters in several pharmacies in Chengdu showed that sales of athlete's athlete's foot treatment drugs rose linearly. Among them, the "Dink 1+1" produced by Qilu Pharmaceutical as a representative of the third generation of antifungal drugs is even more popular. As of press time, Dingke's 1+1 sales continued to climb, and it has already ushered in the first peak of sales this year. Many pharmacies in the city were once out of stock, and the store had to urgently adjust the goods to meet the purchase needs of athletes. .

According to a staff member of a pharmacy in Yushuang Road, the recent purchase of Dingke 1+1 athlete's foot is mainly female, many of them are enthusiasts of stockings. It is understood that "Dink 1+1" is a set of products consisting of Dink's terbinafine hydrochloride cream and Dinkol terbinafine spray. Unlike the traditional drug, Dink 1+1 takes a spray. For the combined administration method, the patient only needs to spray Dinkol terbinafine spray first, and after the liquid is absorbed by the skin, the Dinkol terbinafine cream can be applied.

Skin experts said that Dink 1+1, a combination of spray and double effect, can inhibit fungal growth, eliminate foot odor, relieve surface symptoms such as itching, blisters, erosion, etc. On the other hand, it can quickly reach the lesion. It completely kills fungi, cures athlete's foot from the source, and is widely recommended by dermatologists in clinical practice. Because of its rapid onset and good curative effect, Dink 1+1 is also popular among patients, and it has become the drug of choice for the treatment of athlete's foot. It has also caused a large increase in sales and a rush to buy.

Extended reading: Will you sterilize socks?

In addition to the choice of symptomatic treatment of drugs, skin experts recommend that women who like to wear stockings should clean and disinfect the stockings every day. During the cleaning process, the stockings need to be distinguished from other clothing. And the disinfection of stockings, experts suggest that you can take boiled water to achieve the role of sterilization. When conditions permit, patients can also use the products such as Dinkol terbinafine spray to spray and sterilize stockings to prevent recurrence of athlete's foot.

Although the athlete's foot is small, the harm is immeasurable! I want to use the stockings to create the beautiful figure of the beautiful Queen Taylor Mossen, and want to keep the athlete's foot out, the girls may wish to start from the side and develop good hygiene habits. Change stockings, or keep a box of "Dink 1+1" around, beautiful while keeping health!