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Huazhong Socks: “Washing Socks” Washes Out High Profits
- Aug 13, 2018 -

A few days ago, Danish merchant Beibei Qing, who was in charge of the Swedish military procurement, once again took an international flight to Zhejiang Huazhong Socks Co., Ltd. This time, she not only brought a purchase business worth more than 2 million US dollars to Huazhong Socks, but also brought military socks buyers from Iceland, Czech Republic and other countries.

Surprisingly, Huazhong Socks’ “secret weapon” for ordering this time, that is, does not require high-end production equipment, does not require special high-tech technology, but is a “washing socks” that is gradually forgotten. Traditional production process.

Danish merchants Bay Bowling has been purchasing special military socks for more than 10 years. As a world-famous buyer of socks, it has been commissioned in the UK, Germany and other places. Because the requirements of military socks are very demanding, coupled with the gradual shift of the socks industry chain to the Asian region, the process of “sock washing” has gradually been forgotten.

By chance, Beibei Qing learned that the special socks produced by Huazhong Socks was better through the "Belin Times". With a mentality of trying it out, she made a special trip to Datang in November last year. In the process, she was pleasantly surprised to discover Huazhong. The sock industry still retains this traditional craft. Therefore, Beibeiqing began to call Huazhong Socks proofing, and then took the samples to the Swedish military for bidding. On September 18 this year, an order of up to $2 million was confirmed, and the processing fee per pair of socks was as high as $2.30.

“Although a washing process has been added in the production process, the cost of each pair of socks has to be increased by 1.2 yuan, but the added value of the products has increased by more than 4 times.” Xu Leile, chairman of Huazhong Hosiery, told reporters that this so-called “washing” The traditional production process is to add a rinsing process to the weaved embryo socks. In the rinsing process, on the one hand, in order to remove the oil stains and toxic substances on the surface of the socks, and through the addition of various functional additives such as antibacterial, deodorant and anti-mite, as well as the tests of anti-shrinkage and anti-friction, the socks are The amount of gold is greatly increased.

"Don't underestimate this simple traditional process. Because the process of this process is more complicated, a little carelessness will make large quantities of socks scrapped, which is very dangerous, so many companies have given up this process." Xu Leile said .