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How To Select High Quality And Comfortable Socks
- Aug 10, 2018 -

When winter arrives, how to choose warm and comfortable socks? I will introduce the price below. Because of the difference in the raw materials and craftsmanship of the socks, the comfort level of the socks is different. Comfortable socks must satisfy a few

1. Look at the workmanship: the socks are not flat~~~~ The flat socks will be comfortable to wear.

2. Look at the weight: I estimate the weight of the socks ~~~~ In winter, the weight of the socks should be heavier.

3. Smell the smell: Socks are colored with yarn. There is a scent of pure cotton yarn woven with woven and dyed. There is no smell. If you weave such a dye, it has a strange smell (this life can be used).

4. If you have a look at the seam line, look at the seam of the toe of the sock. Open the socks. If there is a line like a small cymbal, it is machine-sewn, and the cost is low and it is not comfortable to wear. No small flaws, hand-stitched, good quality, comfortable to wear.

Supplement: Look at the raw materials. Wear thick cotton socks and wool socks to keep warm in winter. Summer short socks, bamboo fiber socks, and bamboo charcoal socks are cool.