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How To Choose The Right Socks
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Socks can keep the warmth of the feet, ease the strength of the impact when walking, reduce the discomfort of the shoes and the friction of the shoes; generally the foot needs the protection of the socks when walking, and the socks are one of the important factors influencing the outdoor activities with a large amount of activities. .

According to the type of outdoor activities, socks have many different designs depending on the function.

The length of the inner socks is mostly semi-long, the thickness is very thin, the lightest weight, must be worn in the innermost layer closest to the foot; these socks usually have good perspiration and comfort, which can make the feet often Keep dry; suitable size stockings allow the foot to have the proper range of motion.

Lightweight outdoor activity socks are suitable for warm climate walks, simple trail walks or outings, and outdoor activities that require a small amount of exercise. These socks are thicker than the inner socks, warmer and more wear-resistant, and of course have better cushioning.


The medium-sized outdoor activity socks are suitable for use in cold climates, providing adequate cushioning and insulation to protect the feet from external temperatures. Thickness and warmth are better than lightweight socks

Mountaineering socks are the thickest and most cushioning socks. They are designed to accommodate long-distance travel, off-road hiking, and activities in low temperatures.