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How To Choose The Right Running Socks?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In general, running socks usually have strong arch support, forefoot and heel cushioning, and breathability on the back of the foot. Specifically:

1, material, material, or material

All sports socks that do not have the function of "breathing and sweat absorption" are hooligans, especially for running that requires a large amount of foot movement. If the perspiration effect is poor, the wet sticky condition tends to form a bacterial hotbed. The materials with better hygroscopicity are cotton and rayon. As for synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester fibers, the effect of not easily breeding bacteria is added. It should be noted that 100% cotton socks will make the sweat all gather on the feet, winter makes you cold, and summer makes you blisters. Synthetic fibers such as acrylic/polyester/CoolMax/Teflon are moisture wicking materials. Wait, for the fruit bank who can only distinguish whether it is pure cotton, or directly test the perspiration effect. So the question is coming. How do I know how the sweating effect of these socks in my hand? Here, Guokujun shares a simple little test for everyone: drop a few drops of water on the socks, see if the water drops on the surface or inhale the socks.

2. What kind of ghost is the pore fiber?

In addition to thick socks, hollow hole-like fibers can help the inside air circulation. This principle is similar to the zoom air technology of the AIR MAX series of street shoes in the previous period. The higher end air cushion socks can also reduce the pressure of the foot. The effect, but also the design of the porous fiber, also has a good adsorption capacity and deodorizing function, moisture wicking, to achieve the effect of dry feet.

3. Is it thick or thin?

Some people like the sense of peace brought by thick socks, and some people love the burden of thin socks. In fact, no matter how thick or thin, it is important to fit. Most of the sports socks in the store can be customized according to the length of the foot.

When running, generally wear thicker socks. The thickening weave design of running socks is mainly used for shock absorbers and reducing the pressure of the foot, providing better cushioning and wrap feeling. As for thin and thick, it must be selected according to the use situation. In addition, the ankle has been injured. People should wear thick socks to protect the ankle joints; others who are prone to sweating are also wearing thick socks.

4. What should I do if the socks are loose?

I believe that every normal human is like the fruit bank. No one wants to kneel down and adjust the socks every other time while running. There are two situations in which the socks are loose. The first one is due to the poor elasticity of the socks. Therefore, when buying socks, don’t forget to check the design and elasticity of the socks. When trying on, please pay attention to whether the socks have reached the service. The cross rumor that is not tight, durable and not slack. The other situation varies from person to person. Some people have a slightly shorter connection between the ankle and the heel. When wearing a low-cut socks, the socks are slipped to the soles of the feet in minutes... In the group discussion, such a small partner also Really a lot. Guo Kujun wants to say that this is a genetic problem, not a sock problem.

5, reduce the pressure on the forefoot, soles, heels

Running socks are different from ordinary socks, especially in the function of forefoot, soles and heels. In the weaving method, there is usually a thick and shockproof design to reduce the pressure on the feet.