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How Should We Pick A Scarf
- Apr 16, 2018 -

How to Choose a Scarf According to the Occasion A wide variety of scarves provide people with a great deal of choice. When choosing scarves, they must coordinate with their individual size, appearance, visual feelings, and psychological dynamics to achieve the advantages of avoiding weaknesses and being generous.

1, when wearing more serious clothing, should match the traditional pattern of scarves;

2. It would be more appropriate to wear a scarf with a modern pattern when wearing popular clothes.

3, temperament quiet, suitable for the use of elegant small pattern scarves;

4, lively character, coupled with a large flower scarf is appropriate;

5, skin color than white, choose scarves should avoid stimulating strong colors, to choose a more soft tone scarf. Use light blue, light wheat red. Apple green and other shades;

6, dark side of the skin, should avoid the use of light-colored scarves, and those dark colors, such as: Brazil yellow, dark beige, deep iron gray and other colors are more suitable;

7. Those who are slightly fat and have a large bust can choose a dark, monochrome or loose-knit scarf or silk scarf.

8, the body is thin, scarves, flower patterns and style should be simple, elegant and appropriate, the color should use warm colors, in order to enhance the visual sense of activity;

9, people with slightly wider shoulders, it is best to use that kind of quiet, elegant, such as: lake blue, beige, light orange scarves, so that the shoulder has a sense of narrowing;

10, people who slip the shoulder, should choose to lengthen the scarf, the two ends of the scarf hanging on the shoulders to hang behind, so that one can visually make the shoulders appear to be well-balanced;

11, slender figure, but the chest is slightly flat, you can choose a texture with a slightly soft, rich sense of scarves, patterns should be chosen to spend the larger type, the use of symmetrical hanging on the front of the Department of the law, you can make the chest look plump and visible;

12, when wearing a red sweater, may wish to use a thin black scarf, in order to suppress the red, so that it is too dazzling, while also lining the skin color white tender

13, people with long necks, young women should use loose scarf around the neck, the color should be close to the tops.

14, people with concave chest and little bust use jacquard style, texture is soft, fluffy, gives a rich sense of scarf is appropriate for the two scarf and clothes with a scarf, in order to reflect the ideal of the overall beauty, you must obey " The principle of "great coordination and small contrast" can give people the feeling of coordination rather than monotony, and show changes in a unified pattern.