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How Much Do You Know About Choosing Socks
- Aug 10, 2018 -

1. Use the boxing week to measure the length of the selected socks. This is scientifically based, because the hands and feet of the human body are grown in proportion, for example, the boxing week, which is basically similar to the length of our feet (toe to heel) length). We use our fists to make a fist. The circumference of the fist is very similar to the length of the toe to the heel, so we can use it to pick the right length of socks.

2. Feel the fabric of the socks by hand. The nylon socks should not be elastic, but the elasticity of the cotton is not good, and it can't even be pulled. The nylon is smoother and the cotton is more ambiguous.

3. The mouth of the sock is tight. The handle is flat and the widest part of the palm passes through the sock. It doesn't feel too tight or too loose. It is the socks that fit your ankle.

4. The mouth of the sock is too tight. Just use a cardboard box or a beverage bottle to prop up the sock, and then gently iron it with a steam iron at the sock, you can easily "fat" the sock.

5. How to choose socks that are wearable and sweat-absorbent? Although the cotton socks have better sweat absorption, but the abrasion resistance is not good, and the position of the foot is particularly easy to wear, so there is now an improved socks, the socks are cotton, and nylon yarn is added at the position of the toe and heel. It increases the wear resistance and the situation of the hole is improved.

The package is written with cotton and nylon reinforcement. The main material of this sock is cotton, but there is more nylon reinforcement on the heel and forefoot. It is most suitable for people who sweat more and easily wear socks.