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History Of The Development Of Chinese Socks Industry
- Aug 13, 2018 -

No matter whether it is severely cold or cold, the women who love beauty will not forget to wear warm socks and look good through socks. I don't see you, the pair of pantyhose that is woven with "Leica" and "Nylon 6·6" composites will be favored by fashionable women despite the high price. However, in China more than 100 years ago, even in cities like Shanghai, women wore small feet wrapped in a foot cloth or, like a male compatriot, wore hand-stitched cloth socks. Until 1857, Guangdong Yu Qianchu came to Shanghai to open the "Guangshengxiangguangdian" and founded the "Nanyang Socks Factory" to produce the first pair of domestic knitted socks.

"Sock King" Yu Qianchu

Yu Qian’s first ancestor was an official. Why did he have to go to Shanghai to do a sock business? It turned out that his father had been a diplomat in the Qing Dynasty. He went to London and Paris with his parents at an early age. At that time, the capitals of the two major capitalist countries in Europe were already modern metropolises.

Nanyang Socks Factory, founded by Yu Ganchu, is neither a single factory for producing socks, not just a sock shop that buys and sells, but a “front store and back workshop” that sells socks and designs and produces knitted socks. Chinese people need to wear as much as possible to expand the variety of socks. In particular, special foot type socks are available in more than 1,000 varieties. At that time, the production of the world's knit socks was unique. Therefore, Yu Qianchu was hailed as the "sock king" by the time.

Zhang Wei creates a hosiery industry

However, with the expansion of sales of Nanyang Socks Factory, the socks produced by the original hand workshops appeared to be stretched. Therefore, Zhang Hao raised funds, and opened the Dadong Socks Factory in Pantang Town, Nanjing East Road and opened the Qinxing Socks Factory on Fa Da Ma Road. The production of 120 yarns "Duofu" and "Black Cat" hemp socks and stockings with excellent texture and beautiful appearance. It not only satisfies the needs of the Chinese people, but also strongly resists the dumping of foreign socks. Especially the stockings, but also with the popularity and development of cheongsam.

Stockings promote cheongsam popular

Beginning in the 1920s, cheongsam gradually became popular on the beach, which gave birth to the development of stockings, and also derived the practice of repairing stockings. Because stockings, especially long stockings, just cover the shackles of women wearing short cheongsam and wearing long open cheongsam cheeks.

At the end of the 1920s, there was a dusty woman named Lin Daiyu on the beach, who hired a rickshaw to take a ride in the streets of downtown. She dressed up in a squirt, wearing a long open cheongsam, sitting on a rickshaw, squatting her legs and swaying through the city. Along the way, a large number of people were on the lookout. There were singularities and swearing, and there were louder and louder rappers. Even the patrol house also intervened and said that it was "this is a bad act." However, the "Lin Yiyu" argued in a white way: "Do you see it? Isn't Ala is wearing long stockings!" Made the patrol, so she had to continue to sway through the city. However, a good tabloid reporter wrote in the "Lace News": "Flower World, there is a woman sitting in a rickshaw ride, but the legs are bare legs and the thighs are naked and swayed through the city, it is insulting!"

In the 1930s, DuPont of the United States invented nylon stockings. This stocking, known as the "second skin", is warm and comfortable because it is evenly distributed and is not tight and very transparent. In natural light, a magical glass mercerizing light forms the center of the foot, making the legs three-dimensional and longer. What's even more amazing is that if you use the "memory fiber" glass stockings, if you accidentally get hooked, just use your hand to gently follow the direction of the fiber to restore the original shape. Since the variety of socks has changed with each passing day, the sock has become the "offer" from the "supporting role" and has become "leg fashion". At that time, although there were no "pantyhose", but because of the "long-tube glass stockings" and "ultra-long glass stockings", the modern women put on the glass stockings, and then wear the tightly wrapped body, the curve is complete. Now, both sides of the long cheongsam and high-heeled shoes, walking along the road, jade legs when the time is hidden, is beautiful, is a fan, is dew, is a cover, shame to answer, hey, beautiful!