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General Classification Of Socks For Men And Women
- May 30, 2018 -

In general, men's socks are divided into three types:

Stocking socks

Formal socks are essential items for white-collar men. They should wear formal socks when they wear suits and attend formal occasions. The dress socks are required to be of moderate thickness, about 10 cm below the knee, and close to the skin. Whether sitting or standing, the ankles can't be wrinkled. The leg skin can't be exposed at the trousers. The color is plain and the color is good. Not bad.


Casual socks are often called socks and can be worn all year round. Manufacturing materials are mainly cotton, wool, and artificial wool. Wearing casual socks should pay attention to the color matching of clothing and shoes.

3. Sports socks

The choice of sports socks should be consistent with the sport.

Special attention should be paid to men’s attention: white sports socks and casual socks must not be worn on formal occasions, and white socks should not be worn when wearing suits. In addition, socks with high proportions of cotton (hair or silk, etc.) have better breathability, and men who use more sweat and sweat may wear more socks.

Female socks are divided into casual socks and stockings.

The scientific method of washing socks

(1) Ordinary cotton socks should be changed frequently. Change them by soaking in clean water for about 2 hours, then rubbing with soap and rubbing with hot water, so the dirt can easily fall off.

(2) pure stockings. Artificial silk stockings, nylon socks, etc., should be put in soapy water or synthetic washing liquid below 40°C and gently rubbed, and avoid vigorous mammoth. After the socks are washed, they must be dry and must not be exposed to the sun and fire.

(3) Wool socks should be washed, you should first cut into neutral soap containing less alkali soap tablets, into the hot water melt, after cooling the water, and then put the socks, immersed for a while, and then gently wash . For socks with more dirt and socks on the socks, rub some soap and rub until it is clean. After the sock is finished, rinse it with clean water, dry it slightly, dry it flat on the table, and dry it in a ventilated place, or cover it in the sun with a white cloth.