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French Nylon Stockings Can Alleviate The Pain Of Cotton
- Aug 17, 2018 -

At the recent media meeting, Wei Wei, CEO of Weimian, first clarified the negative news at the end of February, and spent nearly two hours on all aspects of its upcoming new stockings. Introduction, Lin Wei not only introduced the products from the perspective of manufacturing, but also invited the reporters to personally experience the wear resistance and resilience of this "French Nylon + Lycra" stockings.

Media feedback, the functional injection of clothing, especially hosiery, is not new. There have been socks like "slimming, beautiful legs, self-heating" and other features appearing on the market, but most of them have not been systematically publicized. In scale, in the field of domestic stockings, this application is even rarer. Weimian’s high-profile promotion of “revolutionary stockings” will also be a limited start in Jingdong Mall. Can it really become a weapon to subvert the market or a speculation of making money and eyeballs?

According to the survey, the raw materials for the stockings from the low to the high grades are imported, and the local raw materials are low-grade products, even the so-called famous brands. Although many world-class brands of stockings are also produced in China, they are made from imported raw materials according to the requirements of foreign brands. Some raw materials used in high-quality stockings such as Tactel and Lycra. It is a patented product belonging to a foreign country. Therefore, some domestic stocking brands use better imported materials in export products for the overseas market competition and increase profits in the local market, while local products or local imported materials are used in products sold in the local market. Reduce the grade of stockings, both in terms of warmth and quality specifications in all aspects.

The production of processed products with low-cost raw materials is inevitably difficult to be recognized in terms of quality. However, China's huge potential market and consumers' low awareness of the quality of stockings make it possible for some merchants who are profitable. As a cotton that has always emphasized quality, this time, we have worked hard on the cost and launched a stocking product that is 50% higher than the market price. It is not easy to differentiate consumers and achieve large-scale profit in the short term, but in the long run This move is beneficial to the brand name of Weimian and the whole Chinese stocking market. However, e-commerce e-commerce, in the final analysis is the business, chasing profits and returns is the essence and the general trend, Wei cotton this time to promote the abandonment of the profit and the name of the map, in its own commercial positioning, it seems biased.