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Four Reasons To Do Sock Monopoly
- Sep 03, 2018 -

1, socks are a necessity for life, everyone needs, the market is huge.

      Socks are a must-have item for both men and women, regardless of season or age. Socks are a necessity for life. In addition to keeping warm, socks have become a kind of decoration in the eyes of many young people, especially young girls. In the streets of Shanghai, you can always meet girls with beautiful socks, summer denim skirts with a pair of sneakers, a pair of colored or white socks, full of vitality and youthful; autumn, wearing boots or casual shoes Girls often wear a pair of boots and then paired with a pair of stockings or socks, which add a bit of femininity while being lively and natural; winter girls need to wear pantyhose and stockings with boots. It is more feminine. For men, socks are not so complicated. In summer, they wear thin cotton socks or stockings, and they wear cotton socks in spring and autumn. However, boys playing football or basketball need to have several pairs of sports socks, even in summer, wearing shorts. Paired with the men's sneakers, a pair of white sports socks, in addition to sweat absorption, can also show the sense of movement.

2, the socks are small fabrics, not afraid of pressure, not afraid of folding, reducing the risk of transportation.

    The socks are small in size, light in weight, easy to pack, not afraid of pressure, not afraid of folding, convenient transportation, and reduce transportation risks and transportation costs. If you want to transport products to township towns, you can use the bus, it is fast and convenient, and you don't need a separate transportation tool to facilitate centralized purchase. In addition, although the size of the socks is small, the shape is standardized, the packaging is neat, the occupied space is small, the business place is flexible, and the store selection is not strict, and no warehouse is needed

3, socks change season is slow, good business

      Socks monopoly is slow to change seasons, and the season requirements are not very strict. Unlike clothing, shoes and hats, etc., it is easy to accumulate products. The seasons of socks are generally only divided into winter and summer, and the styles are updated slowly. Customers have lower requirements on the style and color of socks. Can reduce business risks. On the other hand, the sock monopoly consumer object is prepared, the purpose is clear, the operator or the salesperson does not need deep sales skills to reach a deal with the customer, no difficulty, no sales experience can be very simple after learning Good business.

      4, socks monopoly is a new thing, low propaganda costs

      Socks monopoly is a new thing, with a natural transmission function, it is easy to stand out in many businesses and stores, socks are attractive to attract eyeballs, a small amount of publicity can form a deep impression in people's minds, can reduce the cost of publicity. Ordinary shopping malls, supermarket socks counters and monopoly can not be compared, it can form a strong consumer cohesion, thus forming a "set of socks, go to monopoly" thinking set.

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