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Flax Socks Advantage Highlights
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. Hygiene and hypoallergenic

For the human body (especially patients with skin diseases), any fabric is not comparable to linen. Flax fiber is straight and smooth. In the enlarged projection of 50 times or more, it is like a section of bamboo, without twists such as cotton and wool fibers. This feature, although it loses the elasticity of the fiber product and is easy to wrinkle, but with its straight, smooth fiber structure, it becomes a textile that is free from the accumulation of fine dust or dirt (such as plane laying Pads, covers, etc.) are also easy to remove because the dust can't find a hiding place.


Static electricity is a common phenomenon of objects. Medical experts warn that static electricity is unfavorable to the human body. Long-term use of static-carrying textiles will absorb a lot of dust, causing irritability, restlessness, and affecting health. The linen socks are static-free, not close to the body, and are not pasted with other fabrics, and are not easily contaminated with dust and other microorganisms. Scientific tests have shown that flax fibers carry positive and negative charges close to equilibrium, so there is no static phenomenon. In a test conducted by relevant scientific research institutions in China, it was found that the amount of static electricity generated by the friction of wool, linen and cotton fibers in the air was the lowest in linen.

3. beautiful and comfortable

The flax fiber is strong and soft, its strength is 1.6 times that of the silk, the number of spun yarns is high, the fabric is smooth and tidy, and it is suitable for making high-grade fabrics. Therefore, the weaving process of the linen socks is excellent and the lines are smooth. At the same time, because the adhesion of linen is not good, the color of the linen socks is light or pure, and it looks elegant and generous.

4. Green and environmental protection

Linen socks are made of natural plant fiber, resistant to environmental protection, linen fiber 100% biodegradable, will not cause soil pollution and other issues, truly a new concept of environmental protection.