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Five-finger Socks Product Features
- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Five-finger socks are the healthiest and most fashionable socks. It is the appearance of beauty, fashion, trendy and individuality.

2. Friends with onychomycosis can separate the toes by wearing five-finger socks to prevent mutual infection between the toes!

3. The advantage of wearing five-finger socks is that there is no pain between the toes, the toes will not hurt when they hit the shoes, and the toes are easy to move, so that each toe can move freely. Reduces compression between the toes and promotes blood circulation.

4. The biggest advantage of wearing five-finger socks is that the socks will absorb the sweat between your toes and your toes, so that the airflow between the toes is smooth, effectively preventing foot odor and athlete's foot.

5. Generally speaking, the sweat of the feet plus the stratum corneum of the skin plus bacteria is just a good breeding ground for bacteria! If you wear the five-finger socks, the sweat will be absorbed by the five-finger socks, instead of staying between the toes and the toes, the probability of Hong Kong's foot is relatively small!

6. Five-finger socks also have a thermal insulation effect. According to the experiment, after wearing the socks of the five-finger socks and the feet of the ordinary socks, the temperature is completely different after a whole day, and the separation of the toes contributes to health.

7. It is not accustomed to wear five-finger socks for the first time. It feels uncomfortable and troublesome. However, after wearing it twice, you will find that wearing five-finger socks is more comfortable than ordinary socks, and the more you wear it, the easier it will be.

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