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Fashion Smart Socks Are Varied
- Aug 14, 2018 -

A variety of socks are absolutely sighing: some can calculate calories and can be clear, quite your "personal fitness coach"; some materials are special, such as pineapple leaves, coffee grounds, Peruvian alpaca; some can help You manage socks...

Smart wearable devices continue to expand, smart socks have

In 2011, the global market sold a total of 14 million smart wearable devices. In 2012, this figure increased by 20%. A UK market research organization believes that the global smart wearable market will reach $6 billion in 2016. Relevant agencies predict that in 2017, more than 70 million smart wearable products will be sold worldwide.

In the context of the expanding market size, various types of smart wearable devices are emerging. Perhaps wearable devices have become a trend, with more and more manufacturers and R&D staff involved. From the original smart glasses, watches, bracelets to smart socks. If a pair of socks can make you a better runner, would you consider replacing it with regular socks? If you know about the recent inventions in Redmond, Washington, you will be hooked. At present, Heapsylon Corporation of the United States recently launched a pair of magical "smart socks" that can monitor the user's calorie consumption and exercise. Can make people incarnate as "dance master" and "sportsman".

These "smart socks" are made of special fiber materials that monitor the movement of the foot. The sensor on the sock can record every movement and transmit the information to the user's smartphone via the ankle bracelet transmitter. After that, the “Virtual Coach” app on the phone will analyze the feedback back, inform the user which actions are wrong, and help improve any activity involving the foot.

This product has entered a stage of rapid growth, Nike+ FuelBand wristband and Fitbit Flex are more perfect products, but ensoria Fitness Socks is unique, because Heapsylon uses this technology in socks, not wristbands.

It is reported that such a set of Sensoria socks plus Bluetooth foot ring and corresponding software needs $150, is in the stage of fundraising, is expected to be sold as a trial tool in March 2014, priced at 120 pounds.

Heapsylon hopes to raise $8,700 on the Indiegogo platform to help the product continue to develop and produce. The crowdfunding campaign will start on June 20th, and the top 200 fans will receive a total of $99 for Sensoria Fitness socks, ankle bracelets and applications. The entire product package is expected to sell for $149, and three pairs of special socks will be priced at $59.

Smart wearable device application meaning

The intention of wearable smart devices is to explore a new way of interaction between people and technology, to provide each person with exclusive, personalized services, and the computing method of the device is undoubtedly based on localized computing - the only way to accurately locate And perceiving each user's personalized and unstructured data to form a unique and unique data calculation result on each person's portable mobile device, and to find out the direct and meaningful needs of the user's heart, and finally pass the touch rule with the center calculation. To develop a variety of specific targeted services.

Wearable smart devices, all sorts of things, have come into reality from fantasy, and their emergence will greatly change the way of life of modern people.