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Exploring The Status Quo And Development Of China's Socks Industry
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Nowadays, in addition to the women's underwear series, the socks market is also very prosperous. With the gradual improvement of people's aesthetic concepts, socks have become fashionable and popular, and they are effectively integrated with clothing, underwear and shoes, and are worn on different occasions. Different socks and even socks can be used as an exposed underwear. While conforming to the development of the society, we have separated our life, work and entertainment, and matched them perfectly. It is fashionable and beautiful. Experts pointed out that in the next 3-5 years, it will be a full-scale outbreak of women's underwear and socks market. By then, the growth rate of socks will be as high as 20%, and the total sales value will be more than 800 billion yuan. According to reliable statistics, the annual output of Chinese socks has exceeded 13 billion pairs, and the annual sales revenue is between 35 billion and 50 billion, and this figure is still increasing at a rate of 5%-8% every year.

The consumer groups of socks are very extensive, and the rising consumer demand has driven the rapid development of the Chinese socks industry. The reasons for the development of the socks industry include the following aspects. First, because the hosiery industry is a typical fast-selling product, the unit price is low, the sales volume is large, and it is still a necessities and consumables of life. Generally, the annual consumption of socks per person is 6-10 pairs, increasing in this number, according to the existing According to the statistics of the population, the demand for socks is very large. Second, the domestic hosiery market has gradually opened up with the improvement of people's living standards and the sense of consumption. The sales of the socks industry in the domestic market of up to 30 billion are still at 18 The speed of % is increasing. Therefore, the enterprises that turned foreign trade to the domestic market quickly started in the socks industry, and the domestic market with fierce competition also appeared several giants. While many industries are competing for the leading position in the socks industry, strong competition has pushed the development of the socks industry to a high level.

Socks marketing fights brand battle

When it comes to China's branded socks, there are very few real-world reputations, among which Mona, Langsha, Nair and Hengyuanxiang account for the majority. Unlike a large number of low-end processing socks factories, they jump out of the price war maze with the power of the brand.

The Mona brand is mainly focused on the focus event, such as its $5 million "Olympic sponsorship", which is also very close to its sales strategy. Today, Mona sells more than 500 million pairs of socks each year, with annual sales of nearly 700 million yuan and exports of more than 68 million US dollars. The export price of Mona socks is nearly double that of other domestic enterprises, and the unit price is the highest in the country. This is in line with Mona’s long-standing slogan – creating the most expensive socks.

Unlike Mona's event marketing strategy, Langsha prefers to use the media as a platform for its promotion, especially with the power of stars, in order to attract more consumers' attention. In today's era when the star effect is extremely hot, Langsha's strategy It does bring a lot of gains to some extent, but when a company completely puts the brand on advertising, not to mention that the annual advertising cost is a huge expenditure, whether it can shape itself for a long time. We are not aware of the brand image.

Hengyuanxiang has a long history of branding, which has added a strong cultural heritage. Hengyuanxiang is an old brand. Compared with the new brands that are emerging today, its marketing strategy is still somewhat conservative and its prevention awareness is not strong. So many manufacturers nowadays will fake the Hengyuanxiang brand. Such a move will bring credibility to Hengyuanxiang. Damage on. Hengyuanxiang brand should expand its thinking, carry out overall marketing integration, and learn from the advantages of other brands to prove its long-standing strength.

Compared with the comprehensive spread of Mona and Langsha, Hengyuanxiang's brand awareness, Nair's strong strength has become the absolute force to guide its brand development. Zhejiang Nair Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Until 2006, its output value was nearly 520 million yuan. By the end of 2006, the company's total assets were 100 million yuan and its annual production capacity reached 100 million pairs. According to the industry ranking of China Knitting Industry Association, Nair Company ranked fourth in the national socks industry in 2009. Nair's brand is the combination of the company's strength and product sales. Such a strong brand power can not shake the status of its leading socks industry compared to more advertising. Among them, Nair's family's socks are in the leading position in the national socks chain store industry. From these, it is not difficult to see that Nile Socks not only has its own unique brand charm, but also a solid consumer group, deep The cultural heritage and the creation of corporate culture will only push Nair's socks industry to a higher peak.

The development of the hosiery industry is in the ascendant, and more brands are developing in full swing. I believe that the price competition and quality competition among major brands will drive the hosiery market to a new peak!