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Do You Choose The Right Socks For Your Baby
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Do you know what kinds of socks do babies need? Do you know which kinds of socks do babies need, socks manufacturers?

The following are 4 basic types of money:

1.: soft rubber anti-skid socks socks graphics soles, can avoid the baby in the run down. Attention should be paid to slip socks, which should be worn outside and not worn in shoes.

2. thin cotton socks: suitable for children to wear in summer, the best color is not too deep. Breathable nylon stockings and socks that use drugs to relieve sweat and odor can not be chosen.

3. pure cotton socks: suitable for spring and autumn wear.  The best selection of 100% pure cotton socks.

4. wool socks: suitable for winter wear, socks must be elastic, and the main components should be wool and cotton. Don't choose high elastic airtight acrylic socks.

So how do you choose socks?

There are several tricks to choose Socks: young parents should not neglect the inside surface of socks. The socks to be bought should be turned over and cut off all the threads inside, so as to avoid the entangled toe and cause necrosis or even necrosis. Baby no ankle, calf is also very thick, so the hose should not be too long. The tightness of the socks should be wide and relaxed. Select socks, to choose the joints dense solid, solid socks socks socks, a simple wear is not easy to break. Socks should be slightly larger, in order to give the baby to grow under foot. You can buy more socks and make them as simple as possible, so that they can be easily allocated.