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Correct Wearing Of Children's Pantyhose
- Aug 23, 2018 -

1. One hand into the stocking tube, pinch the part of the heel, and the other hand turns the sock to the heel.

2. Turn over most of the sock and stretch it so that the foot can easily reach into the toe.

3. Hold the thumb on the inside of the sock, grasp the sock body with the four fingers, put the foot into the stocking, push the socks outward with the two hands, and coordinate the thumb with the thumb to pull the sock to the ankle and put the heel correctly. s position.

4. Turn the leg of the sock back and pull it up and pull it up.

Children's pantyhose - wearable

First of all, it should be noted that the color of the pantyhose is consistent with the color of the fashion and shoes. The same color of clothing, shoes with the same color pantyhose, pantyhose color can be slightly lighter than the color of clothing, shoes. Wear darker pantyhose when wearing dark clothes. Wear pantyhose close to the skin when wearing medium color clothing. Do not wear dark pantyhose when wearing light colored clothing. Such as black skirts, black shoes with black transparent pantyhose. If the color of the shoes itself is very mixed, try to choose socks that are close to the bottom color of the skirt or the darker color of the shoes; the suits should be matched with plain socks; the pantyhose with flowers can be matched with plain clothes. The flesh-colored pantyhose is more harmonious with any clothing color.

Second, the pantyhose should be consistent with the style of the clothing and shoes. For more formal suits, dresses should not be worn with pantyhose; when wearing cheongsam or short skirts, it is best to wear flesh-colored pantyhose; when wearing thin skirts, you should wear transparent pantyhose to give a light and lively feeling; Large floral patterns and opaque pantyhose are suitable for flat shoes, and small and transparent pantyhose should be matched with high heels. The more complicated the fashion style, the simpler and crisper the pantyhose.

Finally, when wearing pantyhose, you should not "slender", that is, you can't wear socks that are so short that the legs are divided into two parts. Whether it is a skirt or a trousers, the hem and the hem of the trousers should be covered by the toe. Do not let the slings stick out of the skirt to avoid disappointment. Socks that are not elastic should use garters, otherwise the socks will always go down, and the skirts are often worn out.