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Christmas Customs
- Dec 25, 2018 -

(1) Gift

Christmas cards (Christmas cards) are very popular in the United States and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with greeting cards. The news generally includes the merits of family members in the past year. On Christmas Day, I pointed out that the ideal of a worldly world is only achieved through words and deeds of peace and love. Sending a Christmas card, in addition to celebrating the joy of Christmas, is to bless the family and friends, in order to remember. Especially for relatives and friends in loneliness, it is more cordial care and comfort.

(2) Decoration

Christmas socks

The earliest was a pair of big red socks, the size is not limited. Because Christmas stockings are used to hold gifts, they are the favorite things for children. In the evening, they will hang their socks on the bedside and wait for the next morning to receive gifts. And usually their parents or relatives give them gifts.

Christmas hat

It is a red hat. It is said that in addition to sleeping peacefully and a little warm at night, you will find a gift from a sweetheart in the hat the next day.

The Christmas decoration includes a Christmas tree decorated with Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. The interior is decorated with garlands and evergreens, and the special holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. In North and South America and a few European regions, traditionally outdoor lighting is used, including sleds decorated with lights, snowmen and other Christmas images. Holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. The municipality also supports Christmas decorations, hanging Christmas slogans on the streets or placing Christmas trees in the square.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is one of the most famous traditions in Christmas celebrations. Usually an evergreen plant such as a pine tree is put into the house or outdoors outside Christmas and decorated with Christmas lights and colored decorations. And put an angel or star on top of the tree.

An evergreen tree decorated with eucalyptus or pine trees with lights and decorations as part of a Christmas celebration. Modern Christmas trees originated in Germany. On December 24th each year, the Germans placed a banyan tree (the tree of the Garden of Eden) at home, hanging a thin biscuit on it, symbolizing the holy cake (mark of Christian atonement). In modern times, various cookies were used instead of holy cakes, and candles that symbolize Christ were often added. In addition, there is a Christmas tower in the interior, which is a wooden triangular structure with many small grids of Christ statues decorated with evergreen branches, candles and a star. By the 16th century, the Christmas Tower and the Eden Tree merged into a Christmas tree. 

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