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Choosing Socks Can't Be A Hassle
- Aug 13, 2018 -

As far as socks are concerned, it should be a detail that people are most ignorant. Many people think that half of the socks are covered by trousers, half wrapped in shoes, and beautiful or expensive socks will not be seen, so they will be perfunctory, and you can wear them at will.

But for fashion-conscious people, socks are definitely a detail that can reflect a person's fashion taste. On many shows, designers use socks as a finishing touch, or an outstanding color, or a blending ratio. In the pants type, nine-pants, cropped trousers and even five-pants are the top picks for the show. This time, when you look at the distribution of some pantyhose, Xiaobian will also recommend some color socks for us. If you like it, you will accept it quickly. Try to figure out how to use the clothes in a closet for this weekend!

There are two main points in the distribution of pantyhose: one is the ratio, and the other is the color.

Let's talk about the ratio first. For pants of different lengths, we need to choose socks of different lengths. Generally speaking, in the case of trousers, in order to highlight the color of the socks, it is necessary to roll the trousers, so that the original is the best policy, and the side of the trousers is also fashionable today. The trousers and the cropped trousers must cover the socks a little, so that the legs will not extend out of the calf as the standard length. Cropped trousers are recommended to choose a shorter pair of socks, which can lengthen the proportion of the legs. If you want to use a pair of long pants above your knees, you have to choose a longer socks.

Let me talk about the color. In terms of color, fashion ICONs don't use too much entanglement, or they have the same color system, which constitutes a sudden change in color level, or they have to fight against color, how to come!

Colorful socks create the king of detail

After seeing so many bright colors of socks, let's take a look at the white socks. White is also one of the colors. In the color spectrum, white is the light that can reflect all other colors, so it looks very bright. The legendary "Bright your eyes" can be placed in the direction of the white, but here we are derogatory. Just wear white socks and you need to be cautious. Any stains on the white roots will expand many times more than other colors. Don't be so clean. White is stained with "invasion"! We can choose pure white socks, of course. You can also choose to add some images with white as the background color.

Many people think that they are a person who knows the days. After a long time, they find that the original is not, because they only know that they are vigorous and not knowing bit by bit. On the contrary, bit by bit is the day. I have been taught since I was young: there are so many beautiful days, and the only thing missing is the beauty of the eyes. On the way to our days, we spent too much time building our grand blueprints, but we ignored many details in the inadvertent time. Machinery can be broken due to a data error, the house can be skewed by one measurement, clothes can be priced because of a line, and life can be lost because of a wrong way. So we said that the details are kings, seeing the details, one thought is the underworld, missing the details, a thought is the underworld. This is the case everywhere, so we have to pick up every detail on the body, take the details of the king, and be a fashion actuary!