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China's Socks Industry Shows A New Way Of Function
- Sep 03, 2018 -

80 batches of products, 6 batches were unqualified, and the sampling pass rate was 92.5%. Recently, the results of the national supervision and inspection of the quality of socks products issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that the overall quality level of socks products in China is good.

According to the requirements of the National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications and the corresponding product standards, the sampling was carried out on 10 items such as pH value, formaldehyde content, color fastness to water, color fastness to acid perspiration and fiber content. Inspected, the unqualified items mainly involved fiber content and pH items. Brand products such as Howard, Gude Shuangyang, Red Pepper, Cutout, Rickshaw, and Huabao were all found to be unqualified.

“There are several brands in this area that are still relatively old. It is estimated that the recent benefits are not good. The quality of the socks has not been qualified.” Generally speaking, there is no big problem in the quality of our socks products.” China Knitting Industry The secretary-general of the association, Jing Jing, said in an interview with this reporter that at present, many manufacturing technologies in the entire textile industry in China have reached the world's leading level, and the knitting products including socks are in good condition and the standards are relatively perfect. Market regulation is also in place.

According to statistics, although China's textile exports were not good last year, the export of hosiery products in the 61 categories of knitted garments nationwide still maintained a relatively high growth rate. The total amount of hosiery exports for the year was 5.58 billion US dollars, with a total of 12.396 billion pairs, an increase of 7.78% and 3.84% respectively. As a small accessory, the socks, although belonging to the consumables worn on the feet, have a fairly broad market.

When visiting the market, the reporter found that in addition to the traditional cotton socks, there are still a large market share, such as women's stockings, jacquard socks, pantyhose, men's deodorant socks, antibacterial socks, health socks, and soothing socks. And all kinds of sports socks and so on occupy a certain market. With the concept of health, green, and environmental protection gradually gaining widespread recognition from consumers, new demands for the consumption of socks have also increased.

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