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Cannabis New Usage Turned Into Socks
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Marijuana Perhaps when we heard these two words, the first thought was drugs. It is a great hazard to people. Maybe you never imagine it will be associated with socks.

In these two days, Zhuji City Datang Socks City Exhibition Hall, the head of Zhejiang Tianchao Knitting Co., Ltd. Gu Zhiqing is busy with the European and American African merchants to sign the agreement. This is the busiest and happiest time he has ever participated in the exhibitions. Because the merchants showed great interest in his own research on the "hemp fiber socks", although the price of each pair of socks was as high as 88 yuan, but the American merchants expressed their position on the spot, and purchased these new socks for 2 million US dollars.

"Cannabis Fiber Socks" was jointly developed by the Military Equipment Research Institute of the People's Liberation Army this year. It uses hemp as the finest soft hemp fiber, detoxifies hemp into fibers, and then knits yarns blended with cotton in different proportions. Although it can be exactly the same as ordinary cotton socks in weaving and pattern, it has several times better function than foot socks. Its biggest feature is deodorization, sterilization, prevention of athlete's foot and anti-ultraviolet radiation. Its moisture absorption and breathability is 3 times that of cotton socks.

Yesterday, the 11th China International Hosiery Expo was held in Zhuji. More than 150 buyers from more than 20 countries and regions went into Datang Town to conduct cross-border procurement negotiations and reached an initial purchase intention of more than 20 million US dollars.

Some stockings in Zhuji show a variety of new products: the aramid 1414 independently developed by Zhejiang Yiyi Socks is made of raw materials for bulletproof vests. The firmness is 10 times higher than that of ordinary socks. It is the first in China and the price of each pair of socks. Up to 150 yuan, mainly used in military, fire, logging and other special industries; Zhejiang Jinyu Knitting set up a studio in Hong Kong, developing more than 2,000 new products, and also selling more than 50 socks design drafts to foreign buyers to achieve Chinese socks From "buy drawings" to "selling drawings"...

"International Socks" Zhuji, socks workers nearly 200,000, producing 365 pairs of socks per second, the annual production of socks 20.6 billion pairs, the output accounted for 65% of the country, more than 1/3 of the world.

At present, Zhuji Socks has been included in one of the most growth industries in Zhejiang Province in the 21st century. The China Knitting Industry Association has set up the Socks R&D Center in Datang Town, specializing in the development of various socks styles. In the future, China's most advanced socks Craftsmanship and fashion design are all possible here.

Cannabis may actually appear as a sock product in the future.